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Power Rankings: What We Miss

by Ann Frazier /

It's been four long months since we played hockey, or were even at SAP Center. 

Four. Long. Months.

And we miss a lot of things about the Sharks - things that are obvious, and things that aren't so obvious. So, in the interest of content (and nostalgia), we decided to rank them.  

20. Walking out of the ice-cold practice rink at Solar4America Ice into warm California weather

There's something about being freezing cold for two hours during practice and then going outside to the warm sunshine that screams "hockey." Might be the Californian in us.

19. Press box popcorn

SAP Center has some of the best popcorn in the league, so while we can always make some at home, it's just not the same. 

18. A giant portrait of Post Malone

Our team photographer took an award-winning portrait of Post Malone, so there's a print of it by our desks staring at us and he's basically part of our group now.

17. Seeing what Sharkie is doing for the pregame entrance

Okay, technically we could take a peek at the game script ahead of time, but we like being surprised.

16. Sandstorm - Darude

While it was not played as often as past seasons, there's something about knowing there's a good chance the arena DJ will play it and then the cathartic release when it actually does, usually during the third period. 

15. Baby Shark jokes

Speaking of music, it's also not a road game until the opposing team plays Baby Shark. Which they do. Every time. (We still miss it, though).

14. Walking by Dan Rusanowsky's desk and hearing him record the KFOX report

It's not a home gameday until we hear "Hello Sharks fans!" as we walk through the office.

13. Guessing along to Mikey's Mashup intermission contest

For those not in the know, there's a promo during one of the intermissions where organist Mikey Day plays a song, and a fan has to guess what it is. The sound isn't super clear in the press box, so it's like we're playing it on hard mode. 

12. Players shooting pucks at us when we're taking photos/videos of them from behind the glass

Didn't think we'd ever get nostalgic for that, but here we are.

11. Finn

Our lives are seriously lacking nose boops.

10. Revealing player goal songs

There were a few really good ones that we haven't revealed yet and it's getting hard to keep them secret.

9. SAP Center's internet

Not saying that we've had to kick our roommates off the internet when we've tried to stream on Twitch, but not not saying that either. 

8. #SharklyDressedMen

It's been four months without real clothing and we miss it (and also seeing the fits the guys come up with). 

7. The Chomp

From our vantage point in the press box, the sea of arms waving up and down to the Jaws theme is a sight to behold. 

6. Our bobblehead collection

We've gotten our hands on every bobblehead from the past five seasons for "promotional" purposes (we need to take photos of them, okay?) and we could be making so many TikToks with them right now. 

5. Fan signs

Our fans come up with some amazing signs - especially the Sharks fans we see on the road (is this a challenge to our home fans to step their sign game up? Maybe). 

4. People confusing the arena with the show Shark Tank

Our desks are right by the reception area at the SAP Center offices, and let's just say you'd be surprised at how many people call the arena thinking that it is the set of the TV show Shark Tank. 

3. Saying hi to the blue coats

We miss all our favorite ushers who greet us every day. 

2. Hearing Danny Miller say, "HERE ARE YOUR SAN JOSE SHAAAAAAARKS"

It's on YouTube, yes, but it's just not the same. 

1. The Shark Head

Miss you, boo <3

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