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Power Rankings: Waiting For the Second Round Schedule Release

by Ann Frazier /

So. Here you are, six days after the Sharks wrapped up their first round series, still waiting for the second round schedule against the Vegas Golden Knights to be released. 

To help pass the time, has compiled a list of things to do while you wait. 

19. Reorganize the apps on your phone

18. Take a nap and hope when you wake up, the schedule is released

17. Binge watch Law & Order. Yes, including Special Victims Unit, Criminal Intent, Trial By Jury, LA, and True Crime

16. Watch the extended cut of the Lord of the Rings trilogy

15. Hike up to the summit of Mission Peak

14. Go to the DMV without an appointment

13. Grow a playoff beard

12. Count to one million by threes

11. Learn to speak French and Spanish

10. Win Fortnite without hiding in the bushes

9. Watch paint dry

8. Watch the Warriors game

7. Watch the Giants and A's games

6. Drive 680N to 580N during rush hour

5. Drive 101 at any time of the day

4. Read the Terms & Conditions - all of them

3. Drive to Las Vegas

2. Learn to play the Final Jeopardy theme song on the piano

1. Come up with a list of things to do while waiting for the schedule to come out and post it to

Hopefully this list will help pass the time before the schedule is finally - finally! - released. 

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