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Power Rankings: Top Sharks Jerseys

by Ann Frazier /

Happy Hockey Weekend Across America! This weekend, we're honoring the fastest sport on earth across the nation, and it kicks off with "Wear Your Favorite Jersey" Day. In honor of trying to choose which of the many, many, many jerseys to wear from the closet, we decided to rank our favorite Sharks jerseys. 

In the interest of fairness, we're excluding our current set of jerseys due to recency bias. Retired jerseys only!

5. 1998/99 - 2006/07 White Jerseys

Unofficially dubbed the "Mike Ricci Era" jerseys, these home - and later road - jerseys ushered in a new era that screams late 90s/early 00s - in a good way. 

4. 2001/02 - 2006/07 Third Jerseys

The first time the Sharks donned a black jersey, and they were - in a word - sick. Overwhelmingly black with just a pop of color on the sleeves and in the logo, this jersey takes the "black is more intimidating" idea and kicks it up a notch.

3. 2007/08 - 2016/17 Third Jerseys

Back in black! After switching jersey producers from CCM to Reebok, the jerseys had to be redesigned with a fresh new look. The team decided to take advantage of that opportunity and redesign the logo as well. And for the third jersey, they went even further, popping the Shark out of the triangle to give the sick-looking black jersey a bit more oomph that's reflected in its high ranking. 

2. 2013/14 - 2016/17 Teal Jerseys

We said we couldn't include the current jerseys, but these aren't technically our current jerseys…

You can't go wrong with teal. And these jerseys are the realest, tealest jerseys around. The clean design pairs perfectly well with the second iteration of our very much timeless "shark biting a stick" logo, and makes for a fantastic jersey that looks great on its own or when tealing-out the Tank. 

1. 1991/92 - 1997/98 Teal Jerseys

It's clean, it's teal, it's classic, and it was brought back as a wildly popular third jersey for the 25th anniversary season. 

Only one jersey has been ranked as the best all-time by the Hockey News, which means there's really only one choice for the top of these power rankings.

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