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Power Rankings: Then and Now

by Ann Frazier /

Media Day is the NHL's equivalent of yearbook photo day taken to the next level, with all sorts of photos and video being taken of the players. Most significantly, the players take their media mugshots that will be used everywhere by everyone for the next year, from the official NHL site to next year's edition of the EA Sports NHL 18 franchise.

The mugshots are also a great way to see how the players have evolved over the years, from their first season with the big club to their current status as a grizzled (sometimes literally) veteran.

In honor of that evolution, took a look at the mugshots of some of the longest-tenured Sharks players to see how they've changed their look over the years. 

Note: Despite evidence to the contrary, we swear there isn't a reverse-Yankees facial hair requirement on the San Jose Sharks. At least, we don't think there is. 

7. Marc-Edouard Vlasic

Outside of the now-required (we lied) facial hair, Marc-Edouard Vlasic looks exactly as he did at 19 years old. 

6. Tomas Hertl


While the facial hair is a questionable addition, the much-improved hair styling avoids the bottom of this list.

But what hasn't changed is the smile :-))

5. Joe Pavelski

 Apparently, all you need to do is add a little gel and a surprisingly orange beard to transform a look from "college kid" to "Captain America."

4. Justin Braun

Any smile > no smile. 

3. Logan Couture

This is the face of a man who has realized that playing in the NHL is awesome and now he's old enough that it's not necessary to shave every day.

2. Brent Burns

Brent Burns has previously poked fun at his evolving look, including a video at the All-Star Game showing his progression to going full Chewbacca. And that evolution hasn't stopped.

Watch: Youtube Video

When he first arrived to San Jose, there was a hint at the crazy caveman look, but Burns still opted to wear his teeth and style his hair. Now? The teeth are gone, the beard is flowing, and the man bun is messy. 

Reminder: this is the look of the best defenseman in the NHL.

1. Joe Thornton

The hair on the top of the head has stayed pretty much exactly the same from 2005-2017. Heck, outside of one thing, Joe Thornton's look has stayed remarkably consistent.

However, that one thing is the most impressive beard in the NHL, complete with a racing stripe. 

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