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Power Rankings: Tarps Off

by Ann Frazier /

A heat wave has swept the Bay Area, with temperatures hitting triple digits this Labor Day weekend. With the heat cranking up, the dress code becomes a lot more… casual, would be one way to put it. 

And one San Jose Shark who's always ready for a heat wave is center Joe Thornton. That is, he's always ready to take his shirt off.  

"[Thornton] doesn't like his shirt on, we know that," head coach Peter DeBoer said in response to one of our ranked moments. 

So here are some of the more memorable times Jumbo Joe has gone shirtless through his time in San Jose. 

6. Stanley Cup Playoffs HNIC Interview


It is in the middle of the playoffs. HOCKEY NIGHT IN CANADA has requested to interview one of the members of the San Jose Sharks, with one of their towels ready to give him.

JOE THORNTON emerges, shirtless. He puts the towel over his shoulders, only slightly covering the fact that he has no shirt. 

5. Christmas Carols

Before the San Jose Sharks blew up the charts with Holiday Sweater (apologies for getting it stuck in your head… again), the annual holiday video was a much more low-tech affair. One of the first holiday videos with the team was an attempt to sing Jingle Bells.

While the rest of the team managed to find a shirt to wear for the occasion, Joe Thornton decided to fully embrace the idea of a California Christmas. 

Watch: Youtube Video

4. Postgame Interviews

So this isn't a moment so much as a culmination of every postgame interview Joe Thornton has done.

Let's have Joe's cousin and former teammate, Scott Thornton, explain:

"Joe's the reason we got bathrobes in San Jose. After a game he'd be doing interviews naked or he'd have a jock strap on, innocent things for him, so they went out and bought us official San Jose Sharks bathrobes."

3. #Jumbo1000

Joe Thornton is a legend, and for more than just his beard and proclivity to go shirtless. Last season, he became only the 13th player in NHL history to recored 1000 assists. 

As is standard, he was asked to take a photo with the milestone puck. And, as is standard, he took the photo sans shirt. 

2. Pittsburgh

Tweet from @colin_dunlap: I believe this is Brent Burns and Joe Thornton. They are walking around Pittsburgh's North Shore and don't give ONE HELL.

Once upon a time, the San Jose Sharks were on a road trip visiting Pittsburgh. Joe Thornton and teammate Brent Burns were out for a walk on one of the off days, when it became unseasonably warm. Uncomfortable in the heat, Joe Thornton took off his shirt. And left it off.

And thus, this moment was immortalized. The End. 

1. ESPN Body Issue

In a culmination of everything known about Joe Thornton and his distain for wearing shirts, he and teammate/lifestyle beard buddy Brent Burns were asked to pose for the ESPN Body Issue. 

Tarps off, boys. And everything else. 

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