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Power Rankings: Punder Years

by Ann Frazier /

To many internet writers (and would-be comedians), puns are an essential joke format. The group at and @SanJoseSharks are no different, relying on puns to make the 562nd morning skate photo posted that season seem a bit more exciting. 

So when the Sharks acquired forward Eric Fehr, it's Fehr to say there was a mini-celebration in the basement of SAP Center: more punderful joke opportunities! 

Which got thinking: which players on the Sharks roster has given use the most opportunities to make these play on words?

7. Tim Heed

Take Heed; this rookie's name has huge pun-tential. 

6. Barclay Goodrow

"Let the good times row. " "That's a good(row) goal!" The equation is easy: have a common English word in your name, it will be used in place of that word. 

5. Brent Burns

When a player's last name is a common verb, it opens itself up to many, many jokes. 

Also, did you know? Brent Burns is the only player on the Sharks whose name is a complete sentence. 

4. Kevin Labanc

This is a guy who has embraced the pun potential in his name, going by Str8ToTheBanc on Twitter. In short, Kevin's last name is money. In the bank.

3. Marc-Edouard Vlasic

On first glance, Vlasic may not seem the most punny name (outside of autocorrect constantly changing it to Classic). But then you remember his nickname is Pickles, and realize how big of a dill the name really is to all the pun people out there. 

2. Eric Fehr

It's Fehr to say that all the pun-derful jokesters out there were quite excited to see the newest addition to the team, if only to liven up the pun-ventory. 

1. Aaron Dell

This Dell-ightful name has so many Dell-icious puns that we Dell-iberately Dell-ay in Dell-ivering a Dell-uge of Dell-uxe content that Dell-ves into A. Dell's greatest hits that, while aren't featured on Saved by the Dell, wouldn't be out of place in Arendelle. 

Yeah, Aaron Dell wins. 

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