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Power Rankings: Pizza Toppings

by Casey Krygier /

Pizza. Who likes pizza? Pretty much everyone does. But in a world full of endless toppings which do you prefer on top of your basic dough, sauce and cheese foundation?

In honor of National Pizza Day, we decided to ask some Sharks players and pizza connoisseurs alike about their ideal pizza pie. And of course, their decisions were ranked.

7. Labanc

Cheese, please! The most simplistic of pizzas and a little underwhelming compared to the pizzas below. Sorry, Bancer.

6. Donskoi

Ham, pineapple AND tuna! Wow, this sounds like a Hawaiian masterpiece. Can't knock it 'till you try it but tuna on pizza does seem a little fishy.

5. Dell, Braun, Dillon

Pepperoni and mushroom. If these guys all like the same kind of pizza it must be good. Can't complain with a majority vote.

4. Ward

Green peppers, mushroom, pepperoni, grilled chicken and ham. Wow Wardo, this pizza is stacked! We're not sure if there's even enough room for all those toppings. Can you even see the cheese? It sure sounds delicious though!

3. O'Regan

BBQ Chicken. Rookie's got good taste! BBQ Chicken is easily one of the best pizzas around. So much flavor, so much goodness. That is all.

2. Pizza Factory Mascot

Pepperoni, ham, onions, bacon, mushrooms, and green peppers. Our good friends at Pizza Factory know how to make the best pizza pies. Their Pizza Factory Special is a top contender, go check it out!

1. Burns

Pepperoni, green pepper, and pineapple. Coming in at number one because well, he is the pizza guy of the team. If Burns is not afraid to share his pizza on camera it must be good so we're giving Burns the top title.

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