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Power Rankings: Open Videos

by Ann Frazier /

There's a reason the San Jose Sharks are well-known for having the best show in the NHL. For one, the giant Shark Head that many teams try to imitate but none come close. There's the Jaws music and the great crowd and the foghorn... But one of the key reasons the show is so good is because of the pregame open videos.

With less than a week away from the newest pregame open video being released to the world (also known as Opening Night), decided to rank last season's open videos.

6. Bad Boys

Watch: Youtube Video

A slower choice of music than what you'll see later on the list, but the bass still hits you hard. Plus overly-dramatic player headshots (shoutout to Joel Ward and Tomas Hertl for the ever-present smiles) make this video fun.

5. Can't Hold Me Down

Watch: Youtube Video

How do you get hyped for the first game of the season? You build up to the action, and then hit the crowd hard with great highlights from the previous season (of which there were many). 

4. Blow Your Mind

Watch: Youtube Video

The song is a jam, and a flashy music video with quick cuts and beats to the music is taken to the next level with hand-drawn animation.

3. Heroes

Watch: Youtube Video

This video took a different approach to open videos. Rather than pumping the crowd up, "Heroes" pulled on the heartstrings and played more towards the pathos of it all. 

It definitely gave all Sharks fans chills, but the emotional hit didn't quite translate to WOOOOO GO SHAAAARKS that the others did, which is the only thing holding it back.

2. Social Media Night

Watch: Youtube Video

Did you know? The open video for Social Media Night (creatively titled "Social Media Night") was a finalist for Special Occasion Video at the Golden Matrix Awards.

So yes, this is an actual video that was shown at a Sharks game. And it's amazing. 

1. Playoffs

Watch: Youtube Video

Playoffs require the hype video to hit harder than the regular season. And this video delievered on all counts.

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