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Power Rankings: Mic'd Up

Which of the mic'd up videos was the most entertaining?

by Ann Frazier /

Every season, SJSharks Productions tries to bring fans closer to the game by putting a mic on a player during a game and revealing to the world an inside look at what is actually said on the ice during the game. These videos are always entertaining, though to varying degrees.

So rather than you having to dig through the Mic'd Up Video Channel, we've decided to compile them all and - of course - rank them.

5. Joe Pavelski

Video: Joe Pavelski Mic'd Up vs Islanders 

We got to see how many sticks Pavelski went through in the game (five, for those to lazy to count) and saw him verbally diagram a play with Brent Burns that ended up in a goal.

But in comparison to the more colorful mic'd up videos that his teammates were in, the Captain ranks at the bottom of this list. 

4. Joel Ward

 Video: Joel Ward gets mic'd up against the Jets

Sharks PR guy to Ward after the game, as Ward is being announced as first star: "It's that mic again, baby. You got that hatty that one time."

Ward: "That's so nice of you guys."

All in favor of Ward being mic'd up all the time, please raise your hand.

3. Logan Couture

 Video: Logan Couture Mic'd Up vs the Canucks

It's always a positive when you capture a big milestone during a Mic'd Up. Especially when the person who's mic'd up predicts it happening before it even happens.

Also, Logan Couture is all of us when he said to 500-goal-scorer Patrick Marleau and three-weeks-away-from-1000-assists Joe Thornton: "How are you not on the top 100 list."

2. Micheal Haley

 Video: Micheal Haley gets mic'd up against the Bruins

Starts off with singing along to the arena music, continues by introducing the "Attaboy" and "backdoor tappy" catchphrases, and brings the fire with this chirp to Tuukka Rask: "Put your helmet down with a face like that." 

Classic. Florida's got a Mic'd Up star. 

1. Brenden Dillon

Video: Brenden Dillon gets mic'd up against the Predators

There's a rule in power rankings: if it makes a national morning show, it's probably going to get #1. And Brenden Dillon's friendly post-fight penalty box chat made the Today Show, which propels this Mic'd Up to the top.

(If you want to see the part that went viral, skip to 2:30)

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