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Power Rankings: Kentucky Derby Odds

Analyzing the odds if Sharks players' nicknames were horses in the Kentucky Derby

by Ann Frazier, Casey Krygier /

The Kentucky Derby is basically known for three things: mint juleps, outrageous hats, and weird horse names. 

The San Jose Sharks are a team filled with nicknames that would fit right in among the Kentucky Derby horses, so we had to ask: if the Sharks' nicknames were horses, what would their odds be?

#7 - Pistol: 9-1

This good ol' horse from the Midwest is always there for his jockey, who is at times a little too aggressive.

#8 - Pokey: 60-1

This horse has been described as slow, but always gets to where he needs to be. 

#19 - Jumbo: 100-1

This horse was an early favorite, but the odds on Jumbo dropped after it was found out he will be competing with a torn ACL and MCL.

#27 - Donkey: DQ

Though this entrant is really good at dancing, Donkey earns low odds because he is technically not a horse. He is a donkey. Which means he is disqualified. 

#30 - Dellicious: 30-1

This horse is just okay, which is why the odds are firmly in the middle of the pack. 

#42 - Big Cheese: 8-1

This horse, which has an omnipresent grin on its face and loves to race on sand tracks, has a knack for coming up big at the end of the race. 

#44 - Pickles: 17-1

This horse, known for its quick bite, never goes anywhere without a pack of golden retrievers.

#50 - Cobra: 23-1

Cobra has a quick start and prefers to race in the center of the pack, but it's odds of winning races drastically reduce outside of Vancouver.

#68 - Melkman: 5-1

This horse always delivers.

#88 - Burnzie: 10-1

This thoroughbred would be the favorite, if not for his less-than-aerodynamic missing front teeth and long scruffy mane getting in the jockey's face.

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