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Power Rankings: Karaoke Songs

by Ann Frazier /

Whether you try to belt out the high notes, spit out rhymes like a rap god, or go for the nostalgia with your favorite throwback, everybody has a go-to karaoke song they have ready to pull out when necessary. And the players on the Sharks are no different.

Earlier this season, asked the men of teal what their go-to karaoke song was, and they gave us some classics. So of course, we had to rank them. 

8. Chris Tierney: Beachin' - Jake Owen

There's no bad choices in this list, just ones that aren't as good. This popular country tune is one of them.

7. Logan Couture: Mud on the Tires - Brad Paisley

The kind of song that starts out slow but really picks up in the chorus, this is a solid - if not traditional - choice of karaoke song by Couture.

6. Kevin Labanc: This Kiss - Faith Hill

Bet you forgot about this song, huh? Well Kevin Labanc and his karaoke game sure didn't. 

5. Dylan DeMelo: Miami - Will Smith

The sole rap entry from our survey, this 1997 classic from the Fresh Prince himself requires preexisting knowledge of the lyrics in order to get through the song - so not exactly for karaoke novices. 

4. Joel Ward: No Woman No Cry - Bob Marley

When you want to bring Island Time to your karaoke session, this is the go-to. 

3. Timo Meier: Mamma Mia - ABBA

We debated back and forth between putting this and Bob Marley at #3, but eventually put this at the third spot due to the "showtunes rank higher" clause we just made up.

2. Joakim Ryan: Piano Man - Billy Joel

Show us a karaoke night without someone belting out Billy Joel's Piano Man and we'll show you one sad karaoke night indeed. This New York staple make sense for the New Jersey native. 

1. Brenden Dillon: Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely - Backstreet Boys

You choose the classic 1999 Backstreet Boys pop ballad as your go-to karaoke song, you get ranked number one. It's that simple.

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