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Power Rankings: Haunting Good Time

Where would the Sharks players haunt if they were the ghosts?

by Ann Frazier & Casey Krygier /

It's Friday the 13th, the spookiest day of the year (excluding Halloween). Superstitions come out full-force today, lest people walk underneath a ladder/break a mirror/walk by a black cat and earn bad luck. Or encounter a machete-wielding psycho named Jason. Either one. 

In honor of the day, asked the Sharks players where (or who) they would haunt if they were a ghost, and got some pretty spooktacular answers. 

8. Graveyard - Kevin Labanc

Kevin Labanc with the obvious answer, but it does mean that he gets to hang out with the other spirits and ghouls as he continues the "graveyards are haunted" stereotype. 

Also, imagine amateur Youtube ghost hunters going around that graveyard saying, "Hey there Kevin, it's me, ya boy." 

7. Hockey Rink - Joakim Ryan, Troy Grosenick

Hockey players haunting a hockey rink. [Extremely Chandler Bing voice] Could that be any more obvious?

6. Mall - Barclay Goodrow 

A guy who takes Robin Sparkles's song to heart ("Let's go to the mall, everybody!"), our research has yet to uncover a haunted American mall, but it does sound like a great movie concept.

5. Brent Burns' House - Paul Martin

Beard haunts beard.

4. Brother - Tomas Hertl

One part brotherly love, one part wanting to get back at all the sibling torment through the years. Those with siblings can definitely empathize with Hertl. 

3. Brenden Dillon's House - Martin Jones

The Vancouver boys are pretty close friends, and how else do you show friendship than by haunting your friend's house for all eternity?

Actually, on second thought, that's kind of weird.

2. DJ Khaled's house - Chris Tierney

Let's do an imagination exercise. For a moment, think of DJ Khaled's snapchats. Got that? Now add a ghost. Now make that ghost Chris Tierney. The snapchats will be just that much better.

1. Staples Center - Dylan DeMelo

Dylan DeMelo is every Sharks fan.

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