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Power Rankings: Great Pumpkins

by Ann Frazier /

Boys and girls of every age, would you like to see something strange? Like... Sharks themed pumpkins?

Halloween is just around the corner, which means the decorative orange gouards are found on practically every corner. Some of them are even carved with amazing designs to either frighten passers-by, reference pop culture, or show off a person's fandom. 

Yesterday, asked people to send over their Sharks-themed pumpkins, and received plenty of impressive submissions. 

7. @SharksChelsea

Tweet from @SharksChelsea: From Last Year, Jonerlantern #SJSharks�� #NationalPumpkinDay

Submitted by "GameOfJones," we'll give you one guess as to who her favorite Sharks player is.

6. @krystalpham

Tweet from @krystalpham: #sjsharks

We know how hard it is to carve the logo into a pumpkin (RIP all the pumpkins that have died in vain).

5. @keeshacheecoo

Tweet from @keeshacheechoo: This took me forever and I love it #SJSharks #NHLHalloween #NationalPumpkinDay ����

How do you deal with a square-ish logo on a narrow pumpkin? Write "Go Sharks go!" on it, obviously.

4. @m_tewks

Tweet from @m_tewks: #SJSharks

One Sharks pumpkin is good. But two? Two's even better. 

3. @PaperWings_3

Tweet from @PaperWings_3: @SanJoseSharks & pumpkins make a great pair. Anyone else combining hockey season and Halloween? #Hockey #Halloween #sjsharks #Pumpkin #NHL

Fake pumpkins are just as good as real pumpkins. Especially when the interior is teal.

2. @hellodeeries

Tweet from @m_tewks: #SJSharks

Most people, when carving the Sharks logo, do the traditional method of cutting all the way through the pumpkin. This textural treatment makes the logo much, much more creepy. 

1. Brodie Brazil

Tweet from @BrodieNBCS: Can I get a Burnzie puck...? ��

This pumpkin is obviously from a few years ago (that beard needs way more lettuce to fully capture the beard as it stands today), but it perfectly captures the essence of Brent Burns. The missing teeth, the salad (playing on hockey slang), the assortment of vegetables… This is a great tribute to the Norris winner.

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