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Power Rankings: Favorite Bobbleheads

by Ann Frazier /

The bobblehead: a collectable, usually given away at sporting events, that depicts a figure with a comically larger head that bounces on a spring. 

In the Sharks time as a franchise, the team has given away a whole bunch of them, ranging from the traditional "player in full Sharks uniform" bobbleheads to more… unconventional bobbleheads.

Earlier today, we sent out a tweet asking fans to tell us what their favorite bobbleheads are. And it quickly became clear that five favorites stood out from the pack. 

5. All of Them

So this is a bit of a cop-out, but many fans couldn't just choose one, and we kind of have to agree. [Glance over at the bobblehead army on our desks]

Suggested by: @SharksFan03, @NewshoundSacto

4. SJ Sharkie 

He's the hardest-working fish in the NHL, and the mascot that was on the Daily Show before a certain orange creature was even a glint in the Flyers's marketing team's eye, so it's no wonder that fans love the bobbleheads of Sharkie. 

Photo credit: the Big Fish himself

3. Vlasic with his dogs

This bobblehead - originally given away at a San Jose Barracuda game - not only has Vlasic's head bobble, but also his three dogs' heads bobble.

13/10 a very good bobblehead. 

Suggested by: @nix1199, @aldentanaka

2. Thornton and Burns in a suit and top hat

Another San Jose Barracuda bobblehead (man, they have some good bobbleheads), this featured the (formerly) bearded duo of Joe Thornton and Brent Burns in suits that evoke a certain comedy starring Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels. 

Suggested by: @TRicheyRich, @mystech7

1. Shirtless Jumbo

Okay, but really, could there be anything else here? 

Suggested by: @_nhlsharks, @CiNDER_JOE, @gil208sj

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