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Power Rankings: Brent Burns All-Star Moments

by Ann Frazier /

For the fourth straight year - and fifth season overall - Brent Burns has been chosen to go to the NHL All-Star Game. Between his award-winning skills and huge personality, it's an obvious choice. Plus, Burns always seems to have tons of fun over the weekend between the skills competition, local attractions, and the game itself.

In honor of the festivities fully kicking off tomorrow, here are the top six All-Star moments from Brent Burns. 

6. Suit Game

While those in San Jose are well-acquainted with Burns's sense of style, the rest of the league remains largely in the dark. That is, until the annual All-Star Game reminder, where Burns pulls out his most impressive suit to walk the red carpet.

5. Burns and Family Visit the Columbus Zoo

Watch: Youtube Video

In his first All-Star Weekend as a member of the San Jose Sharks, Burns decided to take a trip to the wild side and spend part of the weekend at the zoo. He and his family played with cheetahs, penguins, kangaroos, and cougars. 

And yes, this is the zoo where Brent Burns was bit by a cheetah (though it was not this visit).

4. Bobby Orr Pulls the Beard

Already documented in our beard-pulling power rankings (yes, there were enough incidents to rank them), this was an incredibly cool moment for the eventual Norris-winner. Bobby Orr was at the All-Star Game as part of the NHL's 100th anniversary celebration, meeting with the league's current best players.

3. Jagger Burns and Nate Pavelski Take Over

Watch: Youtube Video

While this wasn't a Brent Burns moment per se, it was during his spot in the Breakaway Challenge so we'll allow it. 

Also, a between-the-legs drop pass by Nate Pavelski finished off by Jagger Burns, topped off by Jagger's dance for the camera? The best. Well, not literally (still a few moments ahead of it), but very close. 

Tweet from @SanJoseSharks: What #SharksTerritory is all about.

2. Evolution of Brent Burns

Watch: Youtube Video

Brent Burns is well-known to have a big personality, so his Breakaway Challenge attempt needed to reflect it. He's also known for having a larger-than-life beard, which has inspired a Star Wars-inspired nickname.

And so, drawing inspiration from this post on the Puck Daddy blog, Brent Burns did what everybody wished for but in no way expected, and poked fun at his increasingly-harried headshot photos by donning a Chewbacca mask. 

1. John Scott

What else could be first? Brent Burns doesn't just score goals - though he's very good at that - he also dishes out the assists both on and off the ice. And one of the most memorable assists was making John Scott an honorary member of the Sharks All-Star contingent during the 2016 All-Star Weekend. 

Tweet from @Burnzie88: Working late night on some systems! #pavelski4fastestskater #NHLAllStarWeekend

Burns was all over Scott's magical weekend, from welcoming him to setting up two of Scott's goals, to the most iconic moment of that All-Star Game:

Tweet from @SanJoseSharks: MVP!

Yeah, this was number one. 

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