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Player Check-in: Meier, Sorensen & Thornton

by San Jose Sharks @SanJoseSharks /

As we "Shelter in Place," we're all looking for ways to pass the time and that includes our very own Sharks players.

So, we are checking in with a few of our guys each week to see what they've been up to while at home.

This week we checked in with Timo Meier, Marcus Sorensen and Joe Thornton:

1. What are you currently streaming or watching on TV?

Meier: Money Heist.

Sorensen: Not a TV fan to be honest, just watching the news.

Thornton: Ozark. Just started the new season.

2. Besides TV, what has been your go-to activity?

Meier: Playing FIFA and sitting on my balcony.

Sorensen: Probably hanging out with family and play Fortnite with my son.

Thornton: Some Grade 1 and Grade 4 math homework. Found out I'm actually a pretty good teacher (laughs).

3. What have you been snacking on?

Meier: "Mom's kitchen."

Sorensen: Swedish candy and food.

Thornton: The wife is the best cook, so I've been leaving the cooking to her. No snacking for me, but my meals are pretty normal. Breakfast - maybe some toast and eggs, lunch - a sandwich, and dinner - a steak or something like that. Gotta keep it tight.

4. How have you been staying active/exercising?

Meier: I built my own little gym in the garage.

Sorensen: Been working out in my gym and playing soccer inside my house.

Thornton: We live on a hill, so our family has been doing walks up and down it. Been playing a little badminton with the kids in the back, and lots of hockey with my six-year-old. LOTS of hockey. When we play, I'm usually in net, and I'm usually Al Stalock or Roberto Luongo. Sometimes I'll be Joney (Martin Jones) or Deller (Aaron Dell), but a lot of Al and Lou.

5. Which of your teammates would you least like to AND most like to be quarantined with?

Meier: Most - Noesen because he has two cute dogs and we like looking at watches and cars together. Least - Mario because he's got too much energy.

Sorensen: Most - Jumbo cause you would probably have a lot of fun :):):). Least - Maybe Heed cause he watches TV and movies a lot... and I don't!

Thornton: Most - probably Burnzie (Brent Burns), most likely. Least - This is tough because I like all the guys. I don't think I can think of a least.

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