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Player Check-in: Dell, Kane & Simek

by San Jose Sharks @SanJoseSharks /

As we shelter in place, we're all looking for ways to pass the time and that includes our very own Sharks players.

So, we are checking in with a few of our guys each week to see what they've been up to while at home.

This week we checked in with Aaron Dell, Evander Kane and Radim Simek:

1. What is the best and worst show or movie you've watched during quarantine? 

Dell: Best movie - Escape Room; Worst movie - High School Musical. 

Kane: Best show is Tiger King and Ozark.

Simek: The best show for me during quarantine was Tiger King, it was fun. The worst was Vampire Diaries, but it was my wife's choice. I had to watch with her. 

2. What's the first non-hockey thing you want to do when quarantine is over?

Dell: Go to a concert.

Kane: Go for a nice dinner with my wife and friends.

Simek: I'm doing everything already. Working out, fishing, and walking in nature. 

3. What restaurant do you miss going to most and/or a type of food you can't get at home? 

Dell: La Villa and I've never tried to make homemade ravioli. I can't imagine it would go too well. 

Kane: The Hero Ranch Kitchen and Alexander's.

Simek: We miss Omee J a lot. We love sushi. We have not so good sushi, like in San Jose.

4. What's your go-to quarantine activity? 

Dell: Playing guitar and video games. 

Kane: Got back into the PS4 video games after a couple of years off.

Simek: I ride an air bike and almost every afternoon I fish. 

5. Who are three teammates that you would want to be in your quarantine house and why? 

Dell: Jones, Couture and Noesen because they would be super chill and laid back. 

Kane: Timo, Banker and Burns - Banker is a good handyman to have around, Timo is good with the social media stuff and Burnzie would be a good cook and provide security, 

Simek: Mario because he is positive every day and it's important during COVID-19. Tomas, another positive guy and he speaks Czech. Heeder, he sits next to me on the plane so I'm used to him. 

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