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Not Quite Top 10 Moments of 2016-17: Turn Up In Mohawks

The San Jose Sharks rocked a new hair style to spice up their playoff mojo

by Casey Krygier /

After a close Game 3 loss at home against the Edmonton Oilers, the San Jose Sharks were ready to shake things up for Game 4 and even the series back up again. 

Usually to shake things up one might alter their pregame routine, listen to a new playlist, or wear a different tie but, that wasn't the case for the Sharks.

Instead, Captain Joe Pavelski, Chris Tierney, Micheal Haley, and Marcus Sorensen showed up on the scene for Game 4 with a fresh new hair cut. A mohawk, that is.

Tweet from @SanJoseSharks: #SacrificeEverything... including some hair apparently. �����������#TurnUpInMohawks

Game 4 was nothing short of a shake-up. The Sharks dominated with a record breaking 7-0 win! Needless to say the mohawks might have played a role…or at least we'd like to think so! 

Tweet from @SanJoseSharks: Pretty sure you're going to see a few #SJSharks fans rolling into work with a new look tomorrow. #TurnUpInMohawks

#TurnUpInMohawks became a movement for Sharks Territory.

Tweet from @legalbasquegirl: The #SJSharks are rocking Mohawks, so Everett wanted one too!!!Cant't wait for tomorrow!!! #TurnUpInMohawks #turnupthetank #turnupinteal

Tweet from @_nhlsharks: @SanJoseSharks #TurnUpInMohawks #SacrificeEverything Mikey promised to wear his hair like this for Game 6!!!

Tweet from @GraciiCarvalho: @SanJoseSharks my #ChiaJumbo #TurnUpinMohawks #SacrificeEverything #StanleyCup

It didn't take long for more Sharks to join in on the trend.

Tweet from @SanJoseSharks: When #SharklyDressedMen #TurnUpInMohawks �����������

Maybe Sharks Territory should #TurnUpInMohawks all season long?!

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