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Nichol Visits San Jose

by San Jose Sharks Staff / San Jose Sharks
New Sharks center Scott Nichol visited San Jose for longer periods of time during two quarterfinal playoff series with Nashville. But upon signing with the Sharks, Nichol make a quick and productive visit to his new home.

“I flew in Friday night, was there Saturday and Sunday, then left on the first flight Monday morning,” Nichol said.

Nichol got a taste of a San Jose summer – warm but humidity-free, unlike summers in Nashville, in his hometown of Edmonton or his adopted home of Rochester, N.Y.

“I couldn’t believe how nice the weather was,” Nichol said. “I couldn’t believe a lot of homes didn’t have air conditioning. I was out there on probably one of the hottest weekends and you really didn’t need one. It cools down at night.”

With other things to do besides finding a house, Nichol rushed the effort, but still found good results.

“I saw 17 homes from Noon to 6:30,” said Nichol, who quickly hooked up with a home finder. “I was shown a quick layout of the area. The Internet gives you a pretty good idea and you can send photos.”

What was impressive was Nichol’s wife stayed home with the family and let him pick the house alone.

“When we went to Nashville, I bought the house,” Nichol said. “We’ve been together a long time, so we know what we like. She liked that one so I was 1-for-1.”

Plus, Nichol’s wife has had similar opportunities.

“When I was in Nashville with a (broken foot), we needed a bigger house in Rochester,” Nichol said. “She picked that out by herself.”

While the housing market is down throughout the nation and in the Bay Area, you still can’t get what you can in Nashville for a similar price. Then again, what’s the price of not having humidity or snow?

“You look at the house and it’s about half the size, but the cost is double,” said Nichol, who sounded like a typical out-of-town San Jose home buyer.

Now that the Nichols have a San Jose residence, Scott and his family will soon be moving to San Jose.

“We’ll head out in the next couple of weeks,” he said. “We have one kid in first grade and another in kindergarten, so they need to be out early for school. We were mostly concerned with the school district. I think the kids will be able to walk to school and that will be fun.”

As important as finding a home for 2009-10, Nichol also had a chance to visit the Sharks practice facility at Sharks Ice and meet with the front office.

“I had a really good meeting with (Executive Vice President and General Manager) Doug (Wilson),” Nichol said. “We met for two-and-a-half hours and I was pleased to hear his ideas on the team. I went back home really excited.”

When he moves out in August, Nichol will at least have some time to adjust to the Pacific Time zone.

“I woke up really early each morning with the time zone change,” Nichol said. “By eight o’clock, I was tuckered out.”

Besides adjusting to a new time zone, Nichol and his family will acquaint themselves with the Bay Area. There’s no doubt a trip to the Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco will be on the agenda.

“It will be our vacation,” Nichol said. “We’ll really explore the area.”

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