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News, Notes and Hockey Insights - 4/26/2013

by Frank Albin / San Jose Sharks

If you watch only one Sharks game this year make sure it’s Saturday night at 7:00pm on Comcast SportsNet. That’s when the Sharks face-off against the Kings in LA. The hockey world will be watching as final western seedings and potentially home ice will be up for grabs.

This will be the final game of the year for both clubs. Through 47 games, the Sharks and Kings have each earned 57 points. The Kings hold any tie-breaker with the Sharks. With so many overtime and shootout points in the mix, there are a number of potential conclusions to the playoff rush.

Darin Stephens--@SharksStats--is Comcast SportsNet’s statistical producer for their games and has crunched the numbers and has come up with every possibility that affects the Sharks.

If Blues win Saturday:

- Blues will be 4th seed

- Sharks/Kings winner will be 5th seed

Sharks/Kings game ends with Sharks win:

- Sharks would be 5th seed

- Kings will be 6th seed (hold ROW tiebreaker over Wild)

- 7th & 8th seeds DET/MIN/CBJ

Sharks/Kings game ends with Kings win in regulation:

- Kings would be 5th seed

- Sharks would be 6th seed if Minnesota earns 3 points or fewer in their two remaining games

- Sharks would be 7th seed if Minnesota wins both remaining games

Sharks/Kings game ends with Kings win in OT/SO:

- Blues would be 4th seed

- Kings would be 5th seed

- Sharks would be 6th seed

If Blues earn 1 point Saturday:

- Finish 4th if Sharks win (Sharks finish 5th)

- Finish 5th if Kings win (Kings finish 4th)

- If Kings win, Sharks finish 6th or 7th, depending on how the Wild do in the 2 remaining games, and whether or not Sharks-Kings is 3-point game

If Blues lose in regulation Saturday:

- Sharks/Kings winner is 4th

- If 3-point game and Sharks win: Sharks 4th, Kings 5th, Blues 6th

- If 3-point game and Kings win or if Kings win in regulation: Kings 4th, Blues 5th, Sharks 6th

- If Sharks win in regulation: Sharks 4th, Blues 5th, Kings 6th


There will NOT be a quiz on this information. As you can see, this is rather complicated. In the best circumstances Saturday’s game could determine home ice between San Jose and Los Angeles. Home ice could be HUGE in round 1. The Sharks went 17-2-5 at home while the Kings went 18-4-1 at Staples Center.

Regardless of who San Jose plays, and where they play, the 2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs will begin early next week.

Make sure to tune in Saturday night on Comcast SportsNet, and also plan to be part of entire league Playoff excitement. Follow for game and playoff details.

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