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News, Notes and Hockey Insights - 3/29/2012

by Frank Albin / San Jose Sharks

So in a weird chance of fate Gary Bettman calls in sick and big boys in New York call me to let me know I’m now in charge….

Here’s how my first day on the job goes:

--Reduce the regular season schedule to 70 games. The level of hockey would move to another level. 82 games is just too many games to ask of a player. Teams need their rest and quality practices. I’ll let the revenue guys figure out how to make this work.

--Move struggling franchises to viable Canadian markets. Put teams in Quebec City, Hamilton or a second team in Toronto. Contract from 2 to 4 teams and work to make game.

--Split alignment into 3 conferences….East West and Canadian. Play a schedule heavy inside the division. Play mini-series with 2 home and 2 road vs one other conference. Play a 1 and 1 versus the other conference. Play limited number of regular season games in Europe. The plan is to have a European conference establish in the next 10 years.

--Eliminate the trapezoid for goaltenders to play the puck. Skill should be rewarded. If your goalie handles the puck well, he should be allowed to.

--Change the use of the red line for offside. Passes across the red line are only allowable if the passing team gets out past their own blue line. This would eliminate the “oh I hope someone gets this hard pass along the boards.

--Immediately go to the no touch icing. Why put any player in a position to be hurt?

--Go to a 10-minute 4 on 4 overtime. Register a tie and give each team 1 point. Eliminate the 3-point game and getting a point for losing.

--Change the individual player point system. Give 3 points for a goal, 2 points for a first assist and 1 point for a second assist.

--Change the powerplay and penalty killing stats. Rather than count powerplay opportunities use total powerplay time to make a powerplay index. Presently a team is credited with a pp opportunity regardless of the time being 2 minutes or one second. Take total pp time and divide by number of goals. Say the Sharks in a 10-game segment score 9 goals on 72 minutes…72 divided by 9 goals. Gives team an index of 8, meaning the Sharks score one goal for every 8 minutes of powerplay time. Same can be set up for penalty kill index. Check this link out from a Kings blogger.

--Make every player use a wood-colored stick, regardless of make and model of their stick. This would give a cleaner look for telecasts. While I’m at it….eliminate all dasher board ads.

The bad news is…New York has called and Commissioner Bettman is feeling much better and will be in by the afternoon.

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