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Name the Blog Winners - 1/11/2012

by Patrick Hooper / San Jose Sharks

In the month of December, unveiled a new daily blog meant to keep Sharks fans up to date with events and news items about their team and throughout the sport of hockey.

To help give fans ownership over the blog, there was a contest held to have fans help name the new feature. After nearly 200 submitted names, The Daily Chomp quickly rose to the top of the list as a finalist and it was later voted as the new name of the Sharks official blog. Five Sharks fans suggested "The Daily Chomp". They were each invited  to a Sharks game and asked to share their experience in the blog they helped name. Here are the first three winners of the Sharks Blog Name Contest:


My love for San Jose hockey started off in 1992 while watching a group of rag tag players with hopes to win a championship. No, it wasn't the Sharks team led by baby-faced Doug Wilson and goal-tended by "Like Wall" Arturs Irbe. Instead it was a team coached by baby-faced Gordon Bombay and goal-tended by "Like Donut" Goldberg. While unfortunate because it spawned the much despised Anaheim Sucks (intentional typo), The Mighty Ducks' movie series brought hockey into my life. It turned my baseball mitt into a goalie glove, local tennis courts into roller hockey rinks, and every chance to shoot the puck into a knuckle-puck.

And ever since then, hockey became my favorite sport and naturally, the San Jose Sharks became my favorite team.

My girlfriend, Yvonne, and I had the privilege to attend last Thursday's Sharks game versus the lowly Columbus Blue Jackets through tickets won by submitting the winning name for this blog, The Daily Chomp. Speeding home from work, throwing on my jersey, and picking up Yvonne, we were on our way to what would be a memorable evening. Arriving in downtown, I was faced with my first obstacle: parking. Passing by lots charging $25, we decided to park a number of blocks away to avoid the extra expense. Plus, the extra walk offsets all of the holiday weight I put on, right? Sadly that possibility quickly dissolved as we delighted in fried oyster sandwiches at our local favorite, Poor House Bistro.

Finishing our meal, we were off to the game where we enjoyed watching three well-played periods leading to a well-earned 2-1 victory by Los Tiburones. Intermissions were spent demolishing Yvonne in Words With Friends. Sorry, babe, I know it would've been 50 points, but "dwanky" isn't a word. Though, using it in a sentence like, "The Canucks are dwanky" seems oddly appropriate. Arm in arm, we begin our half mile trek back to our car to end a great evening. Shivering in the night cold, I think to myself that I should have paid the $25 for nearby parking. I blame my frugal ethnicity.

Overall, it was an absolutely blessed evening.

Thank you Sharks Organization and cheers to a great season and hopes to winning the Cup!


When the Sharks first issued out a contest for naming the Sharks' blog, I thought "What a great way for the fans to get involved in the organization". I had no idea that they would actually select someone's suggestion, especially not mine. But that was what happened and how "The Daily Chomp" came to be. It was a fantastic feeling when I found out the organization chose my name, and also gave me two free tickets to the game against the Blue Jackets.

I must say, it was an exciting game. After Columbus went up 1-0 the Sharks were able to battle back, in true fashion. They had shift after shift of quality play, and were getting quality chances. They quickly drew a few penalties with some good, sustained pressure in the offensive zone and turned it into a battle again with Ryane Clowe's powerplay goal.

The fans around my section were excited to see the Sharks battling back with passion and vigor. They started forechecking hard, driving the puck, blocking shots, passing smooth; a recipe for Sharks' success. Soon after the second period began, Joe Thornton batted the puck past Sanford's glove to give the Sharks the 2-1 lead that they never gave up.

There were a few rather comical times at the game, especially the feud between Rick Nash and Dan Boyle. Not to mention a little boy dancing his heart out to win a new PS3. Overall, the Sharks organization shows that they truly care about the fans. Having the opportunity to name the Sharks' blog and write this blog has been a true honor. And I am proud to call myself a San Jose Sharks Fan.


After a hard fought victory we get to say great job Sharks. The game started off tough until the Sharks put in the equalizer during the power play to give the crowd a much needed spark. From there, the Sharks never looked back and made for a very exciting, although at times nerve wracking, game. When the play got chippy the toughness came out which is always fun as a fan to see. The boys stuck up for each other. In the end it was a great night out and the victory made for a much sweeter ride home with my Pops.

Thank you for choosing "The Daily Chomp" as the name for the blog because it was definitely worth enjoying a victory night at The Tank...bonus we got free Amicis pizza for being extra loud!
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