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Marty McSorley Answers Questions From His Mailbag

by Staff Writer / San Jose Sharks
SeagateMarty McScorley takes questions from his mailbag for Seagate Technology’s “In The Crease.”
1)  What has Bill Guerin brought to the team?
Bill Guerin comes in to the locker room and, with his experience and knowledge, provides the team with a sound thoughtful perspective from inside the room.  One thing I hear Bill Guerin constantly reminding the guys is the need to be physical and to constantly finish your checks.  Bill sees that this is a big, talented team. 
At the same time, Bill gives you a quality player who can score in tight hockey games and in tough situations.
Hey Marty,
2)  I never see charging called anymore, even when it's apparent a player has been charged. Do the referees still call charging?
San Jose, CA
A lot of times they call it to boarding rather than charging.  Many boarding calls can be called either way. Now with the new checking from behind rule, what was boarding in the past is now checking from behind.
3)  In the playoffs, do you think the Sharks will try to balance out their lines (having Marleu and Thornton on different lines, having each defense pairing be 1 veteran with 1 youngster), or do you think they’ll try to load up on the top lines (Marleau and Thornton playing together, 2 of their veteran defensemen together)?
They are not trying to load up with one line.  They have a tremendous amount of depth up front and there is scoring potential throughout the lineup.  I do think in the playoffs, over the course of a series, there is a lot of thought put into line matchups – meaning taking advantage of size, speed and skill level.  I think with the Sharks at home, they should be able to take advantage of some mismatches with matchups.
4)  Hi Marty,
I love the new icing rule instituted after the lockout, however it seems pointless if the icing happens just before a TV timeout. The team that iced the puck still gets a rest. Any chance they'll change the rule so that they can't go to commercial when icing happens? Thus avoiding a TV timeout and a rest for the weary?
Bruce in San Jose
When you’re looking at growing the game, television is a big part of it and commercials are the advertising vehicle.  I think the ability to know when a commercial is going to happen is an advantage to coaches on the bench and players on the ice, if they have the ability to look at the bigger picture.
What series do you like out east?
I enjoy watching the Ottawa-Pittsburgh series. The game is played at a really high rate of speed and forces you to be talented offensively and defensively.  I think it is the direction we all want to see the game going towards.
I’m a firm believer that if you are worried if the other team should get suspensions, that you may not be as aggressive as you need to be.  I like to stress that if the other team is pointing the finger and complaining about you, you are probably in the driver’s seat in the series.  You need to be proactive, not reactive.  In today’s NHL, if you sit back, both physically and skill wise, you will probably lose.  Spoils to the aggressor.
For Seagate Technology’s “In the Crease,” I’m Marty McSorley.
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