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Live Chat With Mark Smith

by Staff Writer / San Jose Sharks
Ask Sharks left wing Mark Smith your best questions in the upcoming live chat. The chat will be held on Friday, April 6, 2007 at 3:00 PM (Pacific).


Jen (San Jose): When are you going to dye your hair green? I love your hair!
Mark Smith: It just changes. I don't even decide. It is all the hairdresser.
Lacey (San Jose): What was your favorite of all of your hair styles?
Mark Smith: When I had it really long when I was 16.
Anthony Gonzalez (Hollister, California): Hey! Who was your favorite player growing up and why? I hope the rest of the season goes well for you. GO SHARKS!!
Mark Smith: I liked Mark Messier. He dished out some serious punishment.
Jena (San Jose): Hi! How are you? I was wondering, who on the team do you think is the funniest? Also, what do you like to do in your free time (other than music)? Thanks!
Mark Smith: I think Mark Bell is pretty funny. He makes me laugh. I like to surf when I'm not playing music.
Dan (Phillipsburg, NJ): Why do you wear number 16?
Mark Smith: Because 17 was taken. Scott Thornton had it, but I guess it's available right now. I couldn't change now.
Marti C. (Napa): Hey Mark, what's your most embarrassing moment of your hockey career?
Mark Smith: There are too many to pick one. But . . . probably when Hortichuck knocked me down with three punches.
Marti C. (Napa): Hey Mark, what is something that makes you smile? or that means a lot to you? or makes you happy? Love, Marti C.
Mark Smith: When someone smiles at me.
Ramon (San Lorenzo): Hey Mark, I am planning on purchasing a didgeridoo. Is there anything a beginner like myself should know about when buying one?
Mark Smith: One that is easy to play and has a pretty small mouth piece. That way you can get a good feel on it with your lips.
SacSharksFan (Sacramento): Mark, When are you and your band coming to Sacramento? Go Sharks!!!
Mark Smith: We don't have anything planned, but we definitely want to tour Northern California this summer? Any places you would recommend?
Stew (Los Banos, Ca): I noticed on Myspace that your band is no longer the "Talking Trees". What sparked the name change? Hope to see you in the Playoffs.
Mark Smith: A little bit of a lawsuit issue. There is a band in the UK called the Talking Trees that we were not aware of.
Stacy Kelly (Carson City, Nevada): Mark, how do I go about getting a copy of your band's cd??? Hope you're back on the ice soon.. We miss you..
Mark Smith: You can get it on It should be up on itunes in the next little bit as well CD Baby.
Neil (Los Banos, Ca): Mark, you're one of the tougher guys in the league. Who in our opinion, is the toughest?
Mark Smith: Probably Scott Parker. I've seen him kill some guys.
Anthony Gonzalez (Hollister, California): Hey! What was your favorite moment in your NHL career? I hope the rest of your season goes well! GO SHARKS!!!!
Mark Smith: Probably playing in the playoffs last year.
Mark Smith: I'd like to be successful at one.
Blair Greensides (Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan): How often do you get home to the farm, to help out with Harvest?
Mark Smith: Actually, my parents just sold the farm last year. I'll always be a farm boy though.
Mark Pursell (Madera, CA): Which fight in your career was the most memorable? And who was the toughest?
Mark Smith: The fights with Avery were pretty good. I didn't get beat up.
L. Anderson (Lethbridge, AB): How does it feel to FINALLY have your album done?
Mark Smith: It feels good. I feel relieved.
Christina (San Jose): Hi!! Who is your roommate on the road and who is the funniest person on the team? And can Joe Pavelski really cook good? Thanks and get better soon
Mark Smith: Pavs has never cooked for me and I'm not to eager for that. Right now I'm staying with Dougie Murray.
Brian (Antioch, ca.): I cringed when I saw you receive your injury. Did it seem as bad at the time? You're among thebest and hardest working hockey players; get back for the play-offs!
Mark Smith: I knew this one was going to be a while. I knew right when it happened which is never a good thing.
Anthony Gonzalez (Hollister, California): Hey! Who is your favorite musician besides your band? I hope the rest of the season goes well! GO SHARKS!!
Mark Smith: I really think Jeff Martin from The Tea Party was very talented.
Wynn (Eyebrow Sask): Hey Mark, If the Sharks were to win the cup, would you consider bringing it back to Eyebrow?
Mark Smith: Definitely. I'd like to play a show there too.
ryan (guelph ontario): hey mark! I hope your injury heals and your able to play soon, who do you think Sharks will play 1st round and i wanna know what will do when sharks win the cup? thanks alot and keep up the good work ,gett better soon!
Mark Smith: I definitely think we can win the Cup. Whether or not I play is strictly up to the coaches.

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