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Jamie's Thought of the Day - 10/22/2013

by Jamie Baker / San Jose Sharks

I don't know if the NHL, Elias or anyone else keeps stats on this but last week three players in the NHL were taken off the ice on a stretcher. I have been around hockey my whole life and have never seen a week like that before.

I don't think elaboration is needed in my blog, or extensive explanation, or reasoning. It's way to simple for that.

Guys, stop hitting each other from behind and stop hitting each other in the head. No one wants to see someone lay on the ice unconscious for over two minutes, especially knowing that person has family and friends watching the game.

Three stretchers in one week means we are getting closer to someone getting paralyzed, having a career ending injury or God forbid, dying.

Do you really want to live with the guilt of being that player, you know, the one who will forever be known as the player who paralyzed another player or ended someone's career, or the worst scenario of all, the God forbid scenario?

I know the game is played on the edge ... I was there! But at some point, it's not worth it! It's a game, a sport and you make a lot of money.

Be smarter guys, if not for each other, for all the family members and friends out there that care for you.

Jamie Baker

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