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Injury Update on Logan Couture

by San Jose Sharks Staff / San Jose Sharks
It looks like the knee-to-knee to on Logan Couture could cost San Jose their leading goal scorer for the short term. Couture was struck with an illegal hit Tuesday night by Colton Orr. While there was a two minute penalty given to Toronto, it is the Sharks who took the worst of the situation as Couture missed the remainder of the game and could miss more time.

“He is being reevaluated again today,” McLellan said. “He is at the rink, he is walking around, so that is a good sign. Will he play tomorrow? I doubt it. Then after that we’ll see. It’s day to day until I get a better report.”

McLellan hinted that it may not be a worst case scenario.

“Did he blow out his knee? No, he didn’t blow out his knee,” McLellan said.

San Jose’s players and coaching staff felt there should have been more accountability for the penalty.

“When we are talking about the head blows, the player delivering the check has the ultimate responsibility of whether there is contact to the head or not,” McLellan compared. “Knee-on-knee should be held to the same standard and not be any different.

“The onus should be on the hitter,” McLellan said while pointing out that Couture made an effort to avoid the play.

Couture had the benefit of seeing the replay and was not happy about what transpired.

“At the time, I didn’t know what happened,” Couture said. “He did lead with his shoulder, but as soon as I moved I felt he opened up with his knee and got me knee-on-knee. It’s tough to take a hit like that, especially from a guy like that.”

Couture has not been in the league long, but he has proven not to be a player who will lie on the ice to milk the situation. Because he forced himself up and to the bench, it may have seemed as if Couture could return that night.

“I am a little surprised,” Couture said. “I was a little surprised it was only two minutes. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to come back in the game. He was going to be able to return, but he didn’t get another shift after that. Even if he didn’t make that hit, I don’t think he would be out there again. Like I said, it’s tough to take a hit from a player like that.”

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