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Hammer Time - 1/2/2013

by Freddie Hamilton / San Jose Sharks

We just closed out 2012 on a high note. We carry a three game winning streak in to the new year and one thing I've really learned about our team is that it has a lot of talent and character.

Many of our games have been one-goal games and we have ended up on the winning side of most of them. Whenever we have been down, we found a way to come back in many of our games. This has helped us become more confident. It makes the games even more exciting and fun to play. We're looking forward to keeping our current roll going through the next part of the season – although hopefully we can win a few games by more than one goal and skip the dramatics.

The last couple of weeks have been a busy time off the ice as well. The holidays were a lot of fun. We had a few days away from the rink so we were able to relax and enjoy some of the season. My parents visited and were able to stay for a few games after the break. It was nice spending time with them and I am energized for the next part of the season.

On New Year's Eve, we played a big game against the Monarchs. We were able to celebrate a little early thanks to John McCarthy breaking the tie and scoring the game winner with about a minute to go. We were actually traveling back from Manchester when the clocks changed but the team got together to celebrate after the bus ride home. It also just so happened that I was a New Year’s baby so that day is always even more special for me. It was perfect to still have my parents in town because we went out to a nice dinner to celebrate my 21st birthday that night.

In the middle of the busy holiday, family, and hockey travel, I've been trying to follow my brother who's in Russia competing for Canada in the World Junior Championships. The toughest part is that since he's so far away, all of his games start around 4 a.m. my time. But, Canada has done a great job so far and hopefully they can keep it up through the end of the week!

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