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Had An Icing Been Waived Off . . .

by San Jose Sharks Staff / San Jose Sharks
San Jose was 14 seconds away from forcing Game 6 back in San Jose, but an officiating error that happened in the blink of an eye ended up costing the Sharks.

Dan Boyle had the puck and put it up the boards with less than 20 seconds remaining in regulation and the Sharks up 2-1. The replay showed the puck bounced off Daniel Sedin’s shoulder (check it out on YouTube) before travelling the length of the ice. Had the icing been waived off, the faceoff that provided Vancouver’s winning goal would not have occurred. It was noticed by some on the ice and the bench, but not the most important person, the striped shirt who had to make the call.

“We were yelling and screaming, but it wasn't going to change,” Sharks Head Coach Todd McLellan said. “It was an icing call that went off of, I believe, one of the Sedin's shoulders. It happens real fast. Maybe hard to catch with the naked eye. Obviously an error. But there's nothing we're doing about it now.”

While the play may not have been the easiest to see, the Sharks players and coaches wished the call would have been made correctly as tickets would be on sale for Game 6 at HP Pavilion. No one denied it was a difficult spot for the linesman, but the error clearly cost San Jose.

“I haven’t seen the video, but multiple people said it hit his shoulder,” Joe Pavelski said. “You’d like to see it called. When the puck gets up there, sometimes you can’t see it. That’s what happened with the game winning goal.”

“Then it was the wrong call obviously. It’s a fast play,” Heatley said. “Those are the breaks and sometimes that happens.”

Boyle didn’t get confirmation of what happened until he spoke with the media, but was pretty frustrated when informed of the facts.

“I didn’t know that until right now and it pisses me off even more now,” Boyle said.

Even with the bad break the Sharks players still felt they could have controlled the outcome.

“Regardless, with 15 seconds left, we expect to, in that position, we expect to get it out,” Pavelski said.

In the end, the confetti was flying form the room of Vancouver’s home building and there was no turning back the clock.

“It’s too late now,” Ian White said. “That’s what happens, teams get breaks and they did tonight.”

Joe Thornton was unbelievable through the entire postseason, but his toughness was displayed in Game 5 when he played with a separated shoulder.

“Obviously, that's a very courageous game for him to play,” McLellan began. “He did separate his shoulder last game. It was very painful. Our training staff and doctors did a tremendous job in preparing him to play. Like I had mentioned to you before, when he comes and tells you he's playing, he's playing. I think there was a lot made out of it prior to the game. But we were real confident in that lockerroom he was going to give us what he had and he did. I think it's a tremendous step for him as an individual and for us as an organization, having your captain show up and play that way.”

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