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Friday's Baker's Dozen - 4/6/2012

by Jamie Baker / San Jose Sharks

Time for my weekly Baker’s Dozen.
  1. We got a taste of playoff hockey last night in LA and it’s only going to get better. Both teams really laid it on the line taking hits to make plays, blocking shots, getting punished in front of the net and doing whatever it takes to help your team win. We saw great moves, spectacular passes, great saves, phenomenal shots that led to goals and players showcasing the speed of the game with their tremendous skating.

  2. Love the idea of all 30 teams playing on the last day of the regular season. Because one team from each conference has to play against the other, why not have the previous two teams in the Stanley Cup play instead of the NY Islander at Columbus (who decided on that game by the way?). Wouldn’t Vancouver at Boston be a great way to finish up the regular season and kick off the playoffs?

  3. Last night in LA, for the first time in Sharks history two players, Clowe and Thornton, got Gordie Howe hat tricks in the same game. Jumbo had1 fight, 1 goal and 1 assist while Clowe had 2 fights, 1 goal and 1 assist.

    This is a good time to celebrate the great Gordie Howe. Here are some of his amazing accomplishments.
    •Played 25 years, 1767 games for the Detroit Red Wings.
    •Played 6 years in the WHA and then 1 season, at the age of 52, with Hartford in the NHL.
    •Won 6 Hart Trophies as League MVP and 6 Art Ross for leading the league in scoring.
    •Was as tough as they came. Gordie was a ferocious competitor and would get players back (often with his elbow) that went along with his amazing skill and hockey sense.
    •Total professional career: 32 years, 2186 games, 975 goals, 2358 points, 2085 penalty minutes.

  4. #PlayoffHockeyIsTheBest_NuffSaid

  5. Dan Boyle after the win in LA. “That was a crazy game, man. Down three-one we battled back. They got another one, we took the lead. It was a pretty entertaining game for the fans and it was a hard fought win. We showed a lot of character.”

  6. I have noticed in the last month or two that when a game is tied late in the 3rd period teams, especially ones in the playoff race, play more conservative to at least guarantee one point. The current system promotes playing passive or conservative because teams get rewarded for losing in OT or the shootout.

    My suggestion is the losing team does not get any points, regardless if the loss is in OT or the shootout. Instead teams get rewarded for being aggressive and winning in the fastest/shortest way possible.

    Regulation Win - 3 points       Regulation Loss - 0 points
    Overtime Win - 2 points          Overtime Loss - 0 points
    Shootout Win - 1 point            Shootout Loss - 0 points

    This promotes aggressive play late in the third period and in overtime. I would also change the overtime format and add what Ken Holland has suggested. I would love 4 minutes of 4-4 and if no one scores then 3 minutes of 3-3. After that, the teams go to a shootout to fight for 1 point.

  7. BakesTakes13: It is for these two words, or wait, the lack of words that makes the NHL playoff journey to the Stanley Cup so special. #NoWords

  8. Joe Thornton’s take on Joe Pavelski’s ability to score big goals. “He’s just a dirty player. He gets in dirty areas and wills himself in front of the net. A lot of guys don’t want to necessarily go there, but he’s made a living going to the front of the net like tonight with that tip from [Marc-Edouard Vlasic]. He’s just a dirty player.”

  9. Logan Couture has become a target for opposition players and yet he keeps heading back into the corners, to the front of the net and back-checking hard. Logan is true competitor, is gritty and pays for the price for his teammates. Even during a short scoring slump Logan provided value every game with his consistent effort and play in all three zones.

  10. If the Sharks get 3rd see I hope they play Chicago. If they finish 7th or 8th I hope they get Vancouver. #PlayTheTeamsThatKnockedYouOutTheLastTwoYears

  11. The first tie-breaker is ROW which stands for regulation and overtime wins. The Sharks currently have 33 ROW’s while Phoenix and LA have 34. That Jan 17 game vs Calgary could be a factor in playoff positioning; in that game the refs called goalie interference on the Sharks when video showed conclusively that there was not and the overtime goal should have counted.

  12. Bob Errey wore #12 as Captain of the Sharks in 1994 when he shared 16 Keys to Playoff Success with the Team. Here they are:

    1. It takes 16 Wins to win the Stanley Cup
    2. 4 Wins per series
    3. Never dwell on the past (good, bad, win lose)
    4. Never take anything for granted
    5. One shift is as important as 20
    6. Rest
    7. Confidence
    8. Momentum
    9. Throw statistics out the window
    10. Luck
    11. Play bigger
    12. Never retaliate
    13. Get pucks out, get pucks deep
    14. Never out of a game (major penalty = 5 minute power play)
    15. Have fun

  13. Congratulations to everyone in the San Jose Sharks Organization and Sharks Sports & Entertainment for making the NHL playoffs for the 8th consecutive season. We were reminded this year how difficult it is to make the playoffs and while it was a roller coaster regular season it sure was interesting. Good luck and enjoy the playoffs. Have a ‘Good Friday’ and Happy Easter!
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