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Friday's Baker's Dozen - 12/9/2011

by Jamie Baker / San Jose Sharks

Time for my weekly Baker’s Dozen.
  1. Brad Winchester big-timed his 4th line mates by playing on the top line with Jumbo and Pavs and responded by scoring a goal and being named the 1st star in the Dallas game. #BigTimeWinnie

  2. Realignment is set and assuming Phoenix is still in the same conference the Sharks will play 38 intra-conference games against the other seven teams. Four teams make the playoffs, four don’t. #PlayoffIntensityInRegularSeason

  3. Jamie McGinn has goals in three of the last four games, is second on the team in hits behind the Crankshaft and is establishing himself as a bona-fide 3rd liner in the NHL. #GinnerTurningHeads

  4. Minnesota in 29 games this year has given up 2 or less goals 18x and are 17-1-0 in those games. They give up 2.14 goals/game (3rd NHL) and score 2.45 goals/game (24th NHL). They are also 13-3-3 when being outshot. #SmokeAndMirrors_OR_RealDeal?

  5. Todd McLellan on changing the line combinations: “Sometimes when you move your lines around everybody gets a little bit of a wake-up call. They wonder ‘Why is he doing it to me? Why am I in this situation? How come I am not playing with that guy?” #HonestAnalysisComesWithTheTerritory

  6. The Bruins really went after Crosby when they played Pit last week. Ovechkin gets run over by Chris Neil from Ottawa. I remember the day when it was a severe no-no to run a superstar, which kind of makes sense because the fans pay top dollars to come see the superstars play. #OpenGameOnStarsInToday’sGame???

  7. BakesTakes13 looks at the two biggest goals of 2010: Crosby and Kane both scoring in OT, both left-handed shots, both releasing the puck from the bottom of the faceoff circle to the right of the goalie, both shooting low with a quick release, both making the goalie move laterally or changing the angle of their stick. #ScoringTips

  8. Twitter Quote of the Week. David Perron, @DP_57, before his first game back from his concussion: “Just got a very classy text from Joe Thornton wishing me good luck for tonight! He is a class act! Nap time and then game on!” #DittoThatAndGreatToSeeDP_57BackInAction

  9. I interviewed the great Rob Shick during the 2nd intermission of the Stars game. Shick, now retired and working with the NHL, spent 25 years as a referee in the NHL. He said that in the 1 referee system the referee skated the equivalent of 8 miles a game. It’s down to 6-7 miles in the 2 referee system. To hear the rest of the interview go to and click on TankTalk #ThanklessJobAndHaveToBeInGreatShape

  10. Teams that score first are 267-94-55 this year. That means the team that scores first:

    •Wins in regulation 64.2% of the time
    •Loses in regulation 22.6% of the time
    •Loses in overtime or the shootout 13.2% of the time
    •Gets a least 1 point 77.4% of the time


  11. Drawing penalties, especially obstruction ones like hooking, holding, interference and tripping, requires skill and more importantly using your speed and/or size to establish body position, competing and going to the dirty areas. Here is a breakdown of the amount of penalties Sharks forwards have drawn this year (Total # of penalties drawn / # of obstruction penalties drawn):

    •Thornton 16/12
    •Pavelski 9/7
    •A. Murray 5/4, Clowe 5/4, Mitchell 5/3, Desjardins 5/3, McGinn 5/2
    •Havlat 4/3, Couture 4/2
    •Handzus 3/1
    •Winchester 2/2, Marleau 2/1

    Thornton and Pavelski combined have drawn 25 of the 65 penalties by forwards this year and 19 of the 44 obstruction penalties. #DrawingPenaltiesChangesMomentum

  12. In the ‘no-one cares but it’s kind of interesting’ category of statistics there was a plus/minus oddity in the Sharks-Wild game. Only one player from either team was a positive and only one player from either team was a minus in the game, both ex-Sharks playing for the Wild. Seto was -1 before leaving the game with a lower body injury and Staubitz ended the game +1. #CuriousityKilledTheCatButNotTheShark

  13. The holiday season was always my mom’s favorite time of year. December 1 meant the tree was up, the house was decorated and the Christmas music was playing. I always loved this time of year and it’s even more special since my mom passed away this past March. #IMissYouMom
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