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Friday's Baker's Dozen - 1/13/2012

by Jamie Baker / San Jose Sharks

Time for my weekly Baker’s Dozen.
  1. Through games played on Thursday, Jan. 12, the top five teams in the NHL based on points percentage are:

    1. Boston .713
    2. NY Rangers .707
    3. Philadelphia .667
    4. San Jose .663
    5. Vancouver .656

  2. Last year the Pacific Division was the best division in hockey with four teams making the playoffs (would have been all five teams had Dallas won their 82nd game on the final day of the season). This year the Atlantic will be fun to watch down the stretch, but the Central is going to be a wild race to see who ends on top and gets a guaranteed Top 3 seed in the West. The next four teams from a points percentage standpoint are from the Central Division:

    6. St. Louis .651
    7. Chicago .648
    8. Detroit .640
    9. Nashville .605
    10. Ottawa .600

  3. It's been a good week for the Sharks and their fans:

    • Still undefeated in 2012 with a record of 5-0-1.
    • Have lost only one game in regulation since Dec. 10 and are 9-1-4 over their last 14 games.
    • Todd McLellan will represent the Sharks at the 2012 NHL All-Star Game in Ottawa because his team had the best points percentage in the West for games played through Jan. 9.
    • It's great to have hockey back in Winnipeg and better watching the Sharks get their first shutout ever in Manitoba on Thursday night.
    • Huge congrats to Logan Couture for being named an NHL All-Star. He leads the Sharks with 18 goals and this recognition is well deserved

  4. Since the lockout, the West has a better winning percentage in head-to-head games against the East, but the pendulum is starting to swing in the other direction. It's almost a dead heat as we hit the halfway point of the season:

    • West vs East: 162 games - 82-55-25 record
    • East vs West: 162 games - 80-57-25 record

    Best records for Western teams against the East are: Blues 8-0-1, Avs 9-2-0 and Sharks 8-2-0.

  5. Claude Noel cut the ice-time of young star Evander Kane when the Jets played in Boston earlier this week. Here is what Noel had to say about Kane's play: “I wasn't happy with the way he started the game. Are you going to play or are you not? Figure it out. So I'm not going to wait for the game to start. The game's started. I saw two or three shifts and I'd seen enough. Like, what do you want to do here? If you want to be a key player on our team, if that's what you think you want to be, then get ready to play the game like everybody else.”

  6. We were reminded that the CBA and it's pending negotiations are looming when the NHLPA did not give its consent to the NHL's re-alignment proposal. My issue is with the NHL and the NHLPA trying to gain points via public relations. I don't think fans care who is right or wrong when the economy sucks and rich players are fighting wealthy owners. Fans just want hockey to be played.

  7. BakesTakes13 will use Friday the 13th as the perfect reason to show some video of my two favorite No. 13's in the League. The first video is my favorite player in the NHL, Pavel Datsyuk. If I could play like anyone, he is hands down my first choice. Check out this awesome video highlight package of Datsyuk against the Bruins earlier this year:

    The second No. 13, is Ray Whitney. Here are a couple of great video's of 'The Wizard'. Sharks fans will remember the first video, and the second video is just Whits showcasing his great sense of humor.

    Whits OT Goal:

    Whits Funny Guy:


  8. Twitter Quote of the Week courtesy of @ryaneclowe29: “Congratulations to @Logancouture on being selected to the ASG. Kid is a player! Ohh and since you asked Cooch yes u can take me to dinner.”

  9. Calgary Flames GM Jay Feaster says his team will not trade right wing Jarome Iginla this year and are going for it, as in making the playoffs. One of Feaster's most important players is defenseman Jay Bouwmeester. Bouwmeester was recently ranked No. 9 on Sports Illustrated's most overrated players. He's 6'4", 212 lbs. and is an amazing skater. He's played in the playoffs only once in his junior or pro career and that was during the lockout year with the Chicago Wolves of the AHL. He had 0 points in 18 games.

    Aside from that, he has never played in the playoffs. Not in Medicine Hat of the WHL, nor in Florida or Calgary in the NHL. In his eight full seasons in the NHL, he has been a minus player in six of them and is currently a minus-11 this season, second worst on the Flames. Bouwmeester has a cap hit of $6,680,000 and has a no-trade clause.

  10. Montreal Canadiens GM Pierre Gauthier has publicly admitted that having an anglophone (English-speaking only) head coach was probably a mistake given the PR nightmare it has created in Montreal and Quebec. So in a brilliant move, he traded an anglophone player for an anglophone player. But here's the catch, the player coming in has a francophone sounding name. Yes, while Rene Bourque does not speak French, everyone will think he does because of his name. But we are not going to say anything to let the cat out of the bag.

  11. This morning I woke up, checked my Twitter and found out Couture has not scored a goal against three teams: Carolina, New Jersey and Toronto. I also found out the Sharks have taken 35 or more shots in 11 straight games, the longest streak of its kind since the 1983-84 Flyers did it 12 games straight. I found this out because I follow Darin Stephens, also known at @SharksStats, on Twitter. 'Uncle Darin' does all the stats for Sharks TV broadcasts on CSNCA and is just an all-around great guy.

  12. The second Patty Marleau hits the ice, his stride is incredible. In hockey you can say the legs, particularly the quads, glutes and hamstring are the 'money-makers' because they allow you to get around out there. In the photo above, Marleau has just stepped onto the ice for the game and is already showing his tremendous technique. Skates in 'V'-position, knees pointing out, great leg extension, arms free from body, good knee bend, head up, upper body is straight.

  13. Kings forward Dustin Penner tweaked his back while reaching for syrup for his pancakes. While many people may needle Penner for this injury, I asked myself: Pancakes, why not french toast? I will now, for the first time ever, publicly share my recipe for french toast. Just know, once you try them and say, "This is the best french toast I've ever had!", you are not alone. Here's to you, Mrs. Penner:

    BakesTakes13 French Toast Recipe
    - Mix eggs and milk (to whatever consistency you normally do for french toast)
    - crunch up corn flakes (crunch as in grind them up) - "this is the secret ingredient part" (say in slow, sneaky kind of voice)
    - mix some cinnamon and sugar (optional but a fan favorite for the kids)
    - have bread of choice - me, I like a slice to be 1" think french bread, but this is a preference thing
    - dip slice of bread (both sides) in egg/milk batter, then coat (both sides) with crushed corn flakes ("this is the secret ingredient part"), then put on griddle to cook
    - sprinkle cinnamon/sugar mix for good measure
    - once both sides are cooked you are ready to go, good syrup (especially from Canada) helps as does sprinkling powdered sugar or sliced bananas
Find me on Twitter @Bakes_Jamie13

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