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Friday's Baker's Blog - 8/17/2012

by Jamie Baker / San Jose Sharks

I remember where I was when:

Paul Henderson scored the GWG for Canada in 1972 in the 8th game of the incredible series against the Soviet Union...

I was listening to the game on the radio in a school-yard at Our Lady of Good Counsel in Nepean, Ontario.

When Bob Nystrom scored the series-clinching goal in overtime as the NY Islanders defeated the Flyers to win the Stanley Cup in 1980...

Watching the game on a fuzzy, small, black and white TV at our family cottage in Golden Lake, Ontario. Man I loved that cottage and have some of my fondest memories from there, including this one because the Islanders were my favorite team.

When Wayne Gretzky scored goal number 801 to tie Gordie Howe’s record for most goals in an NHL career...

On the bench wondering why Todd Elik was on the ice for the defensive zone faceoff in the last minute of the game while I was sitting on the bench. Uh oh, must have been in the coach’s doghouse!

When Sidney Crosby scored the game-winning goal in overtime to give Canada the Gold Medal at the 2010 Winter Olympics...

I was one of a few Canadians in a packed Stanley’s Sports Bar at Sharks Ice San Jose. I was actually nervous because I knew if the US had won I would never hear the end of it for the next four years.

When it was announced that the NHL and the NHLPA agreed on a new CBA after the players went on strike in 1992...

As a member of the Quebec Nordiques I was in Ottawa visiting family and friends during the 10-day strike that started on April 1, 1992. I was actually at a bachelor party (for me) when the news broke there was an agreement. I had to break away from the festivities to call Mike Hough who was the NHL player rep for the team (no cell phones back then, had to use a pay phone).

My buddies left without me because I hid in a bathroom stall because I already had way too much to drink and had to fly to Boston the next day for practice. Apparently they either had too much to drink or didn’t think that much of me as a friend because they left me behind rather easily. "Where Bakes?" "I don’t know, but let’s get downtown!"

When the Sharks killed an extended 5-on-3 PK against Edmonton in the playoffs after two Sharks players broke their sticks on the play...

I was sitting beside the great Dan Rusanowsky as we were both screaming. To this day it’s one of the loudest I have ever heard the crowd at HP Pavilion.

The loudest, for me anyway, is when the team came out for the start of the game against Toronto in Game 3 of that series back in 1994. Because the playoffs series that year were a 2-3-2 format, we hadn’t been on home ice in front of our incredible fans since Game 5 of the opening round against Detroit. Since winning that Game 5 against Detroit, we had played four straight road games, losing Game 6 in Detroit before winning Game 7, and then winning Game 1 in Toronto before losing Game 2.

The crowd went crazy when we came on the ice to start the game, gave me goose-bumps the size of skittles.

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