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Friday Baker's Dozen - Sharks Blog Debut

by Jamie Baker / San Jose Sharks

Time for my weekly Baker’s Dozen.

  1. Loved watching the Habs last night. Looking forward to seeing the revamped Florida Panthers tomorrow night. The Lightening with Stamkos and company are in town on the 21st. #HopingReAlignmentMeansEveryTeamVisitsHP-PavilionNextSeason

  2. Four forwards are in the top 60 TOI (Time on Ice) in the NHL, the other 56 are defenseman. Must be pacing themselves because they are a combined minus-35. #ToTiredToBack-Check

    #18 Ilya Kovalchuk 24:41 -8
    #53 Ryan Getzlaf 22:21 -11
    #54 Corey Perry 22:18 -8
    #55 Zach Parise 22:14 -8

  3. BakesTakes13 takes a look at all the great plays that set up Couture’s goal against Montreal. #OneGoodPlayLeadsToAnother

  4. In tracking all the games from Nov 26 to Dec 1 this is what I found:

    Total Games – 40
    Total Goals for winning teams (not incl. shootout) – 139 for 3.45 per game
    Total Goals for losing teams – 66 for 1.65 per game
    # of times losing team scored 2 or less goals – 31 or 77.5% of the time
    # of times either team (win or lose) scored 1 or less goals – 24 or 30% of the time

  5. Todd McLellan after the Sharks 2-0 loss to LA. "I'm not going to pick the word energy. I'm going to pick work ethic. Commitment. Passion. I want to know where they went between the second and third to find it. I'm really disappointed. It made it even tougher to swallow because they played with it in the third." #HonestAnalysisComesWithTheTerritory

  6. After the lockout in ’04 one of the new changes to the game was adding 4 feet in the offensive zone to create more scoring. The coaches have adapted and scoring has slowly gone down since the changes. What we are seeing is forwards in the DZ who collapse really low to outnumber in front of the net and recover quickly to get in the lane and block point shots. Here are some clips from recent Sharks games to illustrate. #CrowdedInFrontOfTheNet

  7. The winning goalie was the 1st star in the tough 3 game set against Chicago, Vancouver and LA. Niemi with 34 saves, Schneider with 43 saves and Quick with 33 saves. Makes you think how important goaltending is at playoff time eh! #TimThomasConnSmythe

  8. Pierre LeBrun of ESPN to Ray Ferraro “Ray, you've been around me on the road, you know I'm careful with my diet”
    Ray to Pierre “yes I have--put it on the plate, eat it. #NothingIsSafe

  9. In the last 12 games the Sharks 3rd and 4th lines have helped out offensively. In two of those games the Sharks were shutout so no one scored. Of the other 10 games, the 3rd/4th lines scored in 6 of the games, including two goals efforts against Detroit and Dallas. Sharks are 5-1 in those games where they scored. #GottaHaveDepthInLongSeason

  10. Really happy to see Kirk Muller hired as the Head Coach for the Hurricanes. Captain Kirk was my road roommate when I played for the Maple Leafs and was an awesome roomie for 2 reasons. One, he laughed at everything so my sense of humor confidence went way up. Two, he never got me back for pranks. If he ever got out of bed I would always put something in his bed (phone, phone book, chair etc.). He would laugh but never do it to me. I would also call the front desk for a wake-up call, use a bad accent and say I was Kirk Muller. Again, he would laugh and not get me back. Now that is a great roomie. Congrats Mully and good luck in Carolina. #GivethButDon’tTaketh=MeLiketh

  11. The new and improved Florida Panthers invade HP Pavilion on Saturday. According to Elias Sports Bureau, the last time the Panthers were first place in their division this late in a season was through 68 games on March 10, 2000.
    Florida defensemen have contributed 62 points (13-49-62) on the season, leading the NHL in points from blueliners (TOR, 61 entering Wednesday). #DaleTallonHelpedBuildTheHawksTeamThatWonTheCup

  12. Here are three examples of how much the NHL has changed since 1970:

    Average salary of NHL player …………. 1970 - $18,000 2011 – $2.4 Million
    Average height of NHL player …………. 1970 – 5’11” 2011 – 6’1”
    % of NHL players born in Canada …… 1970 – 98% 2011 – 52%

  13. A huge congrats and thanks to Mike Grier for an exceptional 14 year career. Griersie was a consummate pro from the way he trained, treated people and played the game. #MikeGrierWasAGreatTeammateAndPlayer

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