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Frank's Thought of the Day - 11/29/2013

by Frank Albin / San Jose Sharks
Every year it’s Thanksgiving that kicks off the holiday season. So with that here are a few thing hockey is thankful for…

  • Defensemen thankful for the new hybrid icing rule.
  • Goalies are thankful for big pads…that may change.
  • NHL is thankful for the 12 year $5.2B dollar with Rogers for Canadian TV and digital rights.
  • Tomas Hertl is thankful for playing on Joe Thornton’s left wing.
  • Patrick Marleau is thankful for playing his entire career in the Bay Area.
  • All hockey players are thankful for parents who foot the bill and drive the car to early morning practices and games far from home.
  • The Ducks are thankful for the huge contribution of Dustin Penner.
  • Todd McLellan is thankful for the quality minutes Justin Braun plays every night.
  • Downtown restaurants and bars are thankful for the business fans bring on game nights.
  • The Sharks are thankful for the mere presence of hall of famer Larry Robinson.
  • Fans are thankful for the fantastic Sharks coverage CSN California and KFOX provide game in and game out.
  • The Coyotes are thankful for new ownership and chance to re-invent themselves to the Phoenix sporting market.
  • Arena workers are thankful for fans that spend money at SAP Concessions.
  • Fans are thankful for the gigantic SAP jumbotron and the fantastic game presentation.
  • Gary Bettman is thankful that there will be NHL labor peace for years to come.
  • Everyone is thankful that Frank Zamboni invented the ice resurfacing vehicle.
  • Sharks fans who move away are thankful for NHL Center Ice on Directv.
  • Satellite radio listeners are thankful for NHL Radio’s 24/7/365 coverage of the National Hockey League.
  • Anti Niemi is thankful for the SJ defensemen who play so well in front of him.
  • Sharks players are thankful for the energetic home fans which help push them to home ice perfection.
  • SJ Sharkie is thankful they make jerseys in XXL.
  • Owen Nolan is thankful for being able to retire in San Jose and live out his other dream which is to produce the hunting and fishing TV show…Sportsman 360.
  • Web surfers are thankful for the supercharged website.
  • Sharks fans are thankful for the contending, consistent high-caliber teams Doug Wilson assembles each and every season.
  • Hockey players young and old are thankful for the spectacular 4-sheet Sharks Ice.
  • Trees are thankful that hockey sticks are made of carbon fiber and aluminum.
  • Hockey fans world-wide are thankful for the coverage and NHL game Center Live provide.
  • Sharks fans are thankful for the safe, clean and fun environment that is SAP Center.
  • Relocated NHL fans are thankful that every team in the league will play at least one game in San Jose this season.
  • Dan Rusanowsky is thankful for his induction into the Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame.
  • Kids are thankful that are able to press their noses against the glass during warm-ups.
  • TV producers are thankful for super slo-mo replays.
  • NBC is thankful that January 1st a world record 110,000 fans will fill Michigan Stadium for the Wings Leafs outdoor game.
  • Hockey is thankful for the fantastic Bay Area support of the San Jose Sharks.
  • The Sharks are thankful for every fan who attends, watches or listens to Sharks hockey.

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