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February 2013 Community Award Winner - Citrix

by Staff Writer / San Jose Sharks

The Sharks Foundation Community Award is given to individuals, businesses or groups who exemplify the Sharks Foundation’s mission to enhance the lives of youth and families in our local area.

This month, the Sharks Foundation is pleased to grant Citrix with the Sharks Foundation Community Award for their efforts in the community. Being a longtime sponsor of the Sharks, this year they took another step forward as the Sharks Foundation’s presenting sponsor of the “Sampling with the Sharks” Wine Event.

How did Citrix first get involved with the Sharks?
Citrix first got involved with the Sharks through our Executive Briefing Program. Having a suite and season tickets during Shark events allow us to engage with our customers in and outside of the office social setting. Citrix is able to greet, thank & treat customers by taking them to the wonderful events hosted at HP Pavilion.

Why did Citrix decide to get involved with the Sharks Foundation?
Citrix is always happy to help out in charitable programs and community projects. Through our involvement in the Citrix Suites we are happy to participate in an organization like the Sharks Foundation.

Citrix is heavily involved in community outreach through programs encouraging employee community involvement, invest and volunteerism. Please describe why Citrix is so invested in giving back to local communities.
Corporate Citizenship at Citrix
The culture at Citrix is one where employees make things happen, with true passion, vision and the urgency to drive innovation. And with a collective creative spirit that goes beyond our approach to products. We believe our culture is one of the most important things to our employees. A culture where individual thinking, energy, and initiative flourishes. Offering employees time out of the office to serve our communities sends a very clear signal that we believe in the power of the individual – and we will operate our business to give that power the opportunity to grow and have an impact.

Mission / Vision
At Citrix, we help people work better. That’s what we do, but it’s not why we do it. We do it because as work gets better, life gets better. As people’s work life improves, their personal life improves, and as their personal life improves, their community improves, and the effect continues to ripple outward.

The tie between work and well being has always been at the core of our company. It is also at the core of our corporate citizenship efforts. Our strategy is to inculcate an ethic of community stewardship into our culture. We focus on helping families in need, enabling those in our community to enjoy stable, satisfying and rewarding lives.

Scope/Interest Areas
Citrix delivers dynamic, innovative programs that serve families in need and assist in transforming people and organizations around the world, with a primary focus on:
  • K-12 Education
  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Technology Advancement

For more information on Citrix visit To learn more about how Citrix is giving back to the community visit their corporate citizenship page at:

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