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Favorite Christmas Gifts Growing Up

by San Jose Sharks Staff / San Jose Sharks
With Christmas morning quickly approaching, recently asked members of the Sharks family what their favorite Christmas presents were as kids.

Patrick Marleau
A Mario Lemieux hockey stick and a video tape when I was ten or eleven.

Doug Wilson
I got a brand new pair of goalie pads because I was a goalie when I was about eight. They were the coolest thing going.

Scott Nichol
ColecoVision. It’s like PlayStation. It was the first video game we had and we played Donkey Kong. It was pretty sweet.

Torrey Mitchell
It was always hockey equipment. It was always hockey skates or a hockey stick.

Jody Shelley
My best Christmas gift was a hockey net when I was eight or nine. It was always fun getting hockey gear or anything having to do with hockey, but the road hockey net was a big deal.

Devin Setoguchi
When I was nine or ten I got a brand new bike, a nice bike which I then proceeded to lose.

Thomas Greiss
One of those tractor things that you can pedal and it had an engine with hydraulics and everything. It took us months to put it together. We took it apart and never put it back together again.

Brad Staubitz
When I was in grade four I got a GT Snow Racer. It’s like a sled, but it has three skis and you can steer with one and go with the others.

Jason Demers
My mom does this Christmas stocking where she fills it up with all sort of treats like chocolate and candies and every year that’s what my mom does for me, my brother and my dad and it’s what we all wait for. It’s the kicker at the end. It‘s just a tradition that she does. She does it with gum and all sorts of goodies, so I think that’s my favorite present every year. She makes a lot of cookies and she really loves the season so it is good for us. I gain a few pounds on the days off, but it is worth it.

Jed Ortmeyer
Probably either an air hockey table or my first rollerblades. I remember putting the rollerblades on right away and there wasn’t snow on the ground so I thought I was safe and my brother and I went out for spin. We were going down the hill and it was cold and there was black ice and we both wiped out and had big road rashes down our leg.

Ryane Clowe
The best Christmas gift I ever got was a hockey net and a pair of goalie pads. Not real goalie equipment, but street hockey stuff.

Dany Heatley
The best Christmas present that I ever received was my first Easton aluminum hockey stick when I was twelve.

Manny Malhotra
A GT Snow racer when I was eight years old. It was red and black, it was unbelievable. You can go as fast as the hill can take you on those and if you want to lay off the breaks you can get going pretty good. We had a really big hill near my house and we use to make jumps on the bottom of it and see who could get the highest and the furthest. That was always fun.

Marc-Edouard Vlasic
A real sized NHL hockey net when I was ten or eleven and we went in the backyard and played on the rink. I put them (my little brothers) in net and scored many goals. That was one of the best gifts.

Jay Leach
My uncle Steven played for the Bruins and I got a pair of gloves that Cam Neely wore in a Bauer/Nike commercial. That was my best one.

Joe Pavelski
Probably a hockey stick when I was young, those were always the best Christmas gifts. I didn’t get a new hockey stick every year, but just getting gifts at a young age is the best.

Kent Huskins
Probably Legos.

Rob Blake
Bertie Bird. I use to get it every Christmas as a kid. It was a remote controlled helicopter and I got it five years in a row. Santa was very good to me. It only lasted for a day or two, but every year he remembered it.

Dan Boyle
Probably my Sega Genesis whenever Sega Genesis came out.

Matt Shaw
When I was probably twelve, I received a half a dozen hockey sticks. They were bright, yellow, wood hockey sticks and they were all lined up with a little bow on them and that is my special Christmas gift that I have a great memory of.

Jay Woodcroft
A pair of brand new Bower 100 skates. For the youngest of three boys it was a rare treat to get a brand new pair of skates. I was fourteen and had a lot of hand me downs.

Trent Yawney
I would have to say probably hockey equipment. We were in a small town so there wasn’t a lot of choice. So, anytime you got something from the city you were getting something different than what you would get in town so it was something that you thought you were pretty cool because you got this new stuff.

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