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Drew's Thought of the Day - 5/31/2013

by Drew Remenda / San Jose Sharks
During the playoffs all Sharks broadcasters are guests on a plethora of radio sports shows in Canada and the United States to talk about the team.

I am no different. I have a weekly spot on KNBR with the great Tom Tolbert and I do a ton of interviews on various shows.

The day after the Sharks lost to the Los Angeles Kings, I was on Hockey Night In Canada Radio. The host played a few clips from Todd McLellan, Joe Thornton and Logan Couture.

He then introduced me with, "...another year, another lack of a Stanley Cup for the San Jose Sharks."

I started to laugh and asked the host if he introduced somebody from the St Louis Blues, Vancouver Canucks or the Toronto Maple Leafs like that.

To back up his argument he then tossed in the word that sets me off, "underachieving."

I did control myself better than I have in the past. In other words, it wasn't a Ray Ratto vs Drew Remenda battle.

Are the Sharks an underachieving playoff team?

As in winning the Stanley Cup. Obviously, yes we have not been able to win the ultimate prize in the NHL.

However, in 16 playoff appearances in 21 years, I can only think of two times the Sharks "underachieved" and this year sure as hell wasn't one of them.

Since the 2000-2001 season, only the Detroit Redwings have won more playoff games than the Sharks in the Western Conference.

So why do the so-called sports experts keep calling the Sharks a playoff disappointment?

It's because we set the bar very high. The team has one goal every year. To compete for and win the Stanley Cup.

Doug Wilson says that setting the bar high is something he will never apologize for and he shouldn't have to.

This year, the team overcame adversity. Saw good friends and teammates traded. Came together and competed as hard and as well as any Sharks team in the past.

Losing a seven game series where the Sharks played with heart, passion and sacrifice isn't something to apologize for, it's something to be proud of and something that inspires.
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