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Drew's Thought of the Day - 5/23/2013

by Drew Remenda / San Jose Sharks

I hate watching a Sharks game when I'm not broadcasting it with the Great Randy Hahn.

Well hate may be too strong of a word. I get stressed watching a game that I'm not broadcasting.

As fans, is this what you go through all the time?

Butterflies in the stomach the whole game? Yelling at the TV, and clapping your hands adding "c'mon boys, big power play right here!"

When we aren't broadcasting a Sharks game on Comcast Sportsnet, I seriously start to doubt the network broadcasters objectivity.

They sound like they want LA to win. Now I know that is 100% wrong. I know the commentators well. They are all good and talented people who have no stake in the outcome of the game.

However every time they mention anything positive about the Kings my mind plays tricks on me.

"Why did he say that?"

"That's the third time he mentioned Anze Kopitar is having a strong game"

"Is he President of that guys freakin fan club?"

Crazy? I know. Completely off base and clouded by my bias for the Sharks, without a doubt.

My kids think I'm nuts.

When Logan Couture scored in overtime in game 3, I jumped out of my seat and pumped my fist hard that my shoulder hurt.

When Randy and I are working a game we are focused on the job. There is a lot going on during a broadcast.

Randy is focused on calling the game. He has to keep the information flowing, from who scored from who and when not to mention the frequent promotion and drop ins.

Meanwhile, I'm watching replays from my own monitor, talking to the truck, watching for unique angles and monitoring the benches to see anything our outstanding coaching staff is doing.

Not rocket science by any means but an individual has to stay on task in order to perform it properly.

On the other hand watching and cheering for the team as my only task from the second round on makes me agitated and overwrought with emotion.

But the payoff when the good guys win seems a little sweeter.

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