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Drew's Thought of the Day - 5/18/2013

by Drew Remenda / San Jose Sharks

Just a quick note to start

Eight of the last nine Stanley Cup Champions failed to advance past the second round the following season.

I love the way the team responded to the series of unfortunate events that closed out Game Two.

"We can fold up and say at least we tried. Or we can say, you know what? We can win"

Bradley Stuart

"It doesn't matter what I say about the last play. It happened and its over with"

..."let's move on to the next game."

Marc Edouard Vlasic

"It's not going to do me any good to whine and moan and bitch about the referees"

Todd McLellan

Wow! A team that handles adversity and sporting tough breaks without blaming somebody else for their problems. Are you watching the first round teams that got knocked out of the playoffs?

It's refreshing but more importantly it's smart, it's mature.

By not whining or complaining about a tough call or penalties you are not allowing excuses to seep into your mind.

By not whining about the delay of game penalty being the dumbest rule in hockey, which it is. The team is being accountable for their play.

A team that looks for solutions not excuses is a team that has leadership and knows that " no one ever excused their way to success."

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