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Drew Discusses His Role As A Broadcaster

by Staff Writer / San Jose Sharks
There have been several chatroom threads this season questioning everything from my loyalty to the Sharks, to the shape of my head, which I can't do anything about. The questions you have raised on these threads are the same philosophical debates I've had with my bosses. Maybe I can clear up some of your concerns.

First, "IS DREW A SHARK'S FAN?" - Short answer NO. Or at least not like you. I don't invest emotionally like you do as a loyal Sharks fan. I've worked at trying to be less of a fan and more of an analyst. Don't get me wrong, I want the Sharks to win. I am a fan of the individuals on the team. I'm so impressed at how Patrick Marleau has grown as a hockey player and more importantly a person. I want Patrick to succeed and I want his team to succeed, but I need to objectively talk about why and how he goes about that.

"DOES DREW CHEER FOR THE SHARKS OR NOT?" - Let me answer that question with a question. Do you really want your broadcasters cheering for the home team on the air? Doesn't that insult your intelligence? Shouldn't an announcer have more respect for you? I think it's embarrassing to listen to NHL announcers (and there are many) openly encouraging their team on the air. That's not our job. Our job is to tell you what, who, why and how plays happen on the ice on both sides of the puck. Not to shake the pom-poms and cheerlead the team. To be completely honest there has been times when I have "cheered” for the team on air. It happened during the playoffs. I was upset at a non-call by Bill McCreary and went off on the air just as TSN (Canada's ESPN) picked up the feed. I got caught up in the emotion of the moment and it was completely unprofessional and embarrassing to me, and I think to the organization. When you cheer for the team you broadcast for, you lose perspective and get caught up in the heat of the moment. Nothing good can come of that.

"DOESN'T DREW MAKE YOU MAD?" - I should make you mad. Not all the time, but certainly I should tick you off every once in a while. I'm paid to voice an opinion. Many times during a game, or season, that opinion or observation will be different from yours. I'm always amazed at how different we all see a game. The entire Sharks Broadcasting crew can watch a game and have four diverse takes. Now here's where the reactions differ. As we all respect each other, and each other's knowledge, we can have a heated, but fun debate on our thoughts. Unfortunately for you the fans, you don't get that outlet with direct contact to us. But that's why you have the chatroom. It also gives my daughter Jordyn a chance to jump on line and defend me. But did you really believe that FSN Bay Area has a wardrobe person picking out my suits? Now that makes me mad!

"IS DREW LOYAL TO THE SHARKS?"-Absolutely. 100%. I love this team. To be more specific I love the people on this team. I'm loyal to Evgeni Nabokov because I've seen him win games outright for the Sharks. I've seen his work ethic and commitment to his teammates and I refuse to bail on a guy with that much talent and character when he hits a tough spell. I'm loyal to Mark Smith because he earns it with every second he's on the ice. I'm loyal to Kyle McLaren and Scott Hannan because they take a lot of heat when the Sharks lose and don't get enough credit when they win. I'm loyal to guys like Mike Aldrich, the Sharks equipment manager, because he's a stand-up guy. I'm loyal to all the Shark employees because they work long hours without the big dollars and when the team wins, it makes their day and nights just a bit better.

I don't expect to be adored by everyone and I don't want or give much heed to criticisms or compliments. But I do enjoy when an opposition teams general manager or coach tells me they really like listening to Randy and I because we call the game down the middle. I've had this discussion with the Sharks VIP's. I don't want to do a three hour commercial for the home team. I'm not that guy, but at the end of the day, you know who I work for. By perusing the chatrooms, I see that 50% of you think I'm a homer and 50% of you think I cheer for the other team. That tells me I'm on the right track.

For the Seagate Technology In The Crease, I'm Drew Remenda.

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