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Craig Rivet Chats With Fans

by Staff Writer / San Jose Sharks
Sharks Chat with Craig Rivet -- 3/12/2007

Ask Sharks defenseman Craig Rivet your best questions in the upcoming live chat. The chat will be held on Monday, March 12, 2007 at 1:00 PM (Pacific).

Dan Sellery (Grass Valley, CA): When you broke into the league, which veteran players on your team had the greatest impact on you and how did they influence your game?
Craig Rivet: I'd say probably Brian Savage. He and I came in around the same time, but he was 3-4 years older than me. He took me in like a big brother and made things a lot easier on me. He was well respected on our team.
Tim (San Jose, CA): First of all, welcome to San Jose! Do you feel you will need to adapt your style for the Western Conference style of play? We look forward to raising the cup on Santa Clara St!!!
Craig Rivet: The style I was playing in Montreal was the complete opposite of San Jose. We were defensive minded on everything. He're our forwards are talanted and big and we use that on the forecheck. The coaches tell me to help pressure the attack. I have to get used to it and it will take a couple more games before I'm 100 percent confident in everything I'm doing each game.
Jennifer (San Jose): What will you miss most about Quebec?
Craig Rivet: I think the city of Montreal is an outstanding city. Very beautiful with a lot to offer. I grew up watching Montreal as a kid and I will miss playing for them. I'm happy I had the opportunity to play there.
Anthony Gonzalez (Hollister, California): Hey! Who was your favorite player growing up and why? Hope the rest of your season goes well! GO SHARKS!!!
Craig Rivet: I'd probably say I really enjoyed the way Chelios played hockey and Paul Coffey. There are so many I payed attention to, but those guys were the best at what they did at that time.
jessica (quebec, qc, ca): What would you be doing if you weren't a pro hockey player?
Craig Rivet: I've been asked this a lot throughout my career. My father is a firefighter and I would 100 percent be a firefighter.
Margo (SCU): I hear you can be quite the enforcer. What does it take do get you to drop the gloves?
Craig Rivet: Fighting is obviously part of the game. You want all your players to feel comfortable. I'm not fighting for the sake of fighting. I will be there each and every time when my teammates need me. Guys having each others backs makes teams stronger.
Laurie Stevens (Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada): Hey Craig, this is Aunt Laurie, from Winnipeg. I just want to congratulate you on your trade to San Jose Sharks. They are lucky to have such a great guy on their team. Also that was an awesome goal you scored in Anaheim Hope to see you soon Love ya
Craig Rivet: Great to hear from you and I'll see you real soon. Thanks for the email.
miranda (): How do you feel abou joing a team with the youngest defense in the NHL, including Marc-Edouard Vlasic, a 19-year old from your previous team's city, Montreal?
Craig Rivet: Coming here, these guys are making me feel younger. I am very excited to play with these guys. They are a great bunch of guys. We've got some young talent in Vlasic and Carle. They have great future ahead of them. I know the ups and downs of the game, they can come to me. It is a great feeling to come to a younger team.
Jeanine (Saratoga, CA): Who do you know on the current Sharks team from before? and from where?
Craig Rivet: The only player I actually played with was Marleau in the 2003 World Championships. So I spent 3 weeks with Patty and we won a gold medal together. He was pretty much the only guy that I knew.
Tu (Milpitas): Great to have you as a member of the Sharks. I am wondering, who do you know on the Sharks before you arrived and what do you look forward to besides getting into the playoffs the rest of the season?
Craig Rivet: Not too much to be honest. I've played in San Jose maybe three times in my career. We hadn't been here in 3-4 years. I had to do my homework as soon as I was traded. I realized we were young and big. We have some young guys trying to find out how good they are. Right now it is very promising.
Neil DeVera (Saratoga): What was the first thing you did when you got in San Jose?
Craig Rivet: I got in at 2:30 a.m. and went to bed about 3:30 a.m. and got up to practice.
james (ripon ca): What is it like playing with Big Joe and Patrick Marleau?
Craig Rivet: Pretty nice playing with them and not against them. They are amazing hockey players. I've never played on a team so talented. We've got some young guys on the team that make your head shake they're so good. It's a lot of fun trying to figure out how good we can be.
Dan (Phillipsburg, NJ): Why do you wear number 52?
Craig Rivet: 52. I'm not a really picky guy when it comes to numbers. I was given 52 in my first training camp. When I got called up and they asked me what number I want and I had been wearing 52 in training camp for a couple of years. I said give me what you got and they gave me my training camp number.
Mike Nusca (Hamilton, Ontario): Coming from Canada and especially near Toronto and Montreal, there is a lot of media pressure, do you feel you can play better hockey knowing that the media attention isn't always on you and constantly judging your performance on a daily basis?
Craig Rivet: Yeah. Being down here, there is definitely a lot less pressure. The media is not nit-picking on every mistake players make. The focus is not solely on individuals, it is on team play. This is a fresh beginning.
Jen (california): Who is the funniest on the team so far? How is it playing with a rookie when you are quite senior?
Craig Rivet: I'd have to say Rob Davison. He seems to be the type of guy that keeps guys nice and loose. He seems like a pretty great guy.
ryan mcauliffe (san mateo): How did you get into hockey?
Craig Rivet: Coming from Canada, I think everybody plays hockey. In the summer you play road hockey. In the winter I would go to the outdoor rinks if it was -10, -20, -30.
greg smith (san jose): Hey whats up? What were feelings when you heard that you were coming to San Jose?
Craig Rivet: I was very happy. It was interesting. I spent 12 years in Montreal and I got a number of calls saying the same thing- they felt so bad for me and that I must be devastated. I had an idea and my wife and I had discussed a trade. When I was told I was coming to San Jose, I could not be happier. The number one thing is this team has a chance to win a Stanley Cup and it is one of the first times in my career I can say I have a legitimate chance to say that.
Jessica (Montréal): Hi Craig, What was your favorite moment in Montreal? Thanks for the 12 years as a Habs! :-)
Craig Rivet: I would have to say hands down the day, and I'm sure a lot of Montreal fans would say the same, the day that Saku came back from his cancer. We were in a dog fight for the last playoff spot. He still didn't have his hair back and I scored a goal that game and we ended up beating Ottawa to clinch a playoff berth.
Lee (San Jose): Do you see a big difference in the atmosphere of the Bell Centre in Montreal where you used to play vs. at the Shark Tank? Is there a big difference in the fans?
Craig Rivet: The atmosphere in Montreal near the top. I was told we had our 20th sellout of the season and I did not realize how many San Jose Sharks fans we have. The are with us the whole game and they are unbelievable.

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