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Coach McLellan's First Week in San Jose

by San Jose Sharks Staff / San Jose Sharks
It may not be the whirlwind of winning a Stanley Cup, but San Jose’s new head coach Todd McLellan has been busy as ever trying to shore up his life in Detroit and begin his new job in Silicon Valley.

After spending more than a week in San Jose figuring out where to live, he is now back in Detroit preparing to come out to the Bay Area full time.

“I was there Sunday through the following Tuesday,” said McLellan.

During those nine days, McLellan was able to explore the town he would soon call home.

“It was great,” said McLellan. “My wife joined me halfway through. We did a lot of homework on houses and schools. We’re looking to get imbedded in San Jose as soon as possible.”

Upon taking the Sharks head coaching position, one of the first things the 40 year old did was reach out to the current Sharks. Although he was not able to contact everybody while he was in San Jose, the calls will continue while he is back in Michigan.

“I have spoken to some and still have work to do to get through everybody,” McLellan explained. “Today I had a good talk with Brian Campbell.”

No interviews have taken place yet, but the hiring of assistant coaches is also part of the early to do list.

“A lot of people will be involved, including Doug Wilson, Tim Burke and others,” said McLellan. “We’ve formed a plan and assembled a group of names. Then we’ll start talking to people to see if they are interested and if they fit.”

Training camp for the players won’t begin until September, but McLellan will get a chance to see many of the Sharks prospects on the ice during the summer development camps that all clubs now hold.

“I’ve talked with Tim Burke and anytime you’ve had anything going for eight, nine, 10 years, you’ve got something good,” said McLellan. “I’ll start making some relationships with some players. Maybe give the staff an idea of what I like a hockey team to do. After that, I’ll be in an observing role and learning a lot.”

As for the current roster, McLellan has already started doing his homework.

“In my spare moments, I’ve watched some Sharks games from last year,” said McLellan.

It’s been a busy time for McLellan, but he is already looking forward to training camp.

“We’ll be ready to go in September,” said McLellan.

And as he said at his introductory press conference, that is when the playoffs begin.

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