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Canucks Meet The Media

by Staff NHL.COM / San Jose Sharks
This afternoon, Canucks players Henrik Sedin, Roberto Luongo, Sami Salo and Christian Ehrhoff met with the media. 


How have you and Daniel (Sedin) turned around to be so good this year?
Again, we believe in ourselves. We believe, even though everyone on the outside hasn't, that we're good players and we're playoff players. We can show up in big games. But, again, if we lost against Nashville or Chicago in Game 7, we wouldn't be here.

(Question regarding the style of game against San Jose.)
I think it is for everyone if you want to score. They're a good defensive team, don't get me wrong about it. They got guys that want to score. Every team obviously has different matchups, different styles. You have to be able to fight through both. Against Nashville, it was low scoring games. This is the way it is.

How would you rate Luongo's game yesterday compared to the regular season?
I think he's been good throughout the playoffs. He's had his ups and downs just like everyone else. I think in the last series against Nashville and this series, too, he has played extremely well. We're not surprised. We're extremely happy.

Do you feel unless Luongo plays poorly he's sort of forgotten and taken for granted?
Yeah, maybe. But, I don't know, again, I think it's easy, especially in the playoffs, when you're playing well or guys are playing well, you don't really talk about that. You talk about guys that are not playing well. That's the way it is, especially in the playoffs, I think.

In terms of the penalty killing, was he your best penalty killer yesterday?
He has to be. If he's not your best penalty killer, you're not going to kill off penalties. He was great. If he doesn't make those saves early on, we find ourselves in a hole. They feel good about themselves, the way they play, it's a tough game to win.

Your penalty kill has been very good the last couple games. Was it one of those things where you started off poorly and improved?

I don't know, PK, they've been good all year. I think it's one of those things where we didn't give up a whole lot of power plays. They were able to get a few bounces here and there. You look at the stats, they're 4-for-4, 5-for-5. Your confidence goes down a little bit. When you don't maybe trust in each other, think they're going to kill it off, you're usually not going to get the bounces, they're going to make plays, you're maybe a little bit hesitant, so...


Have you learned from a lot of experiences you had from elimination games?
What's there to learn? We didn't get the job done. I didn't think we wanted to lose that game by any means. At the end of the day, like I said, the last one is always going to be the toughest one to win. We want to make sure we treat tomorrow night like a Game 7 for us, we come prepared like it's that game.

(No microphone.)
I think right now, we're at a spot where we're one game away from the Stanley Cup Final, one win away. The guys are excited about that. We want to obviously get there. We want to do whatever it takes to get there. I think today's going to be real important to get the right amount of rest, preparation, and make sure when we come to play tomorrow, we treat this like a Game 7.


Penalties the other couple games in San Jose, how important is it being the more disciplined of the two teams tomorrow?

It's important. Obviously, you don't want to take five penalties in a row and shoot yourself in the leg that way.

How important is it to close tomorrow?
I think it's key in any situations. We noticed from the series past, we just have to have the killer instinct to kill the other team off or it will give the other teams momentum and too many chances.

What does this mean to you?
Obviously it's been a long journey, the whole year with the things that's happened. I'm just excited to be part of this great group.

Were you close to saying, I'm not going to attempt this comeback (Salo had missed 52 games with a leg injury in 2010-11)?
Not really. The rehab with the surgery was successful. We put a great plan in. Just used the directions that the doctors gave me and here we are right now.

Was this the most difficult one to come back from?
Yeah, for sure. I think for anybody, it's difficult to come back when you missed the whole off season training, training camp, most of the year.


Any idea on tomorrow night?

Is tomorrow even part of the discussion? Is it at all a possibility?

It's day-to-day right now.

Do you feel any better than you were the other day?
Yeah, definitely feel better than Friday after the game, for sure. But still day-to-day.

What would keep you out? If you're day to day right now, what would keep you out of the lineup?
If it's not ready to go, I obviously wouldn't go. That's a decision we got to make.

If this was a Game 7, would you play?
Well, it is kind of a Game 7. In the playoffs, every game is like a Game 7. I don't think that's the issue. Either it's good to go or it's not.

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