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Brodie's Thought of the Day

by Brodie Brazil / San Jose Sharks

Yesterday was about an NHL debut.

And it was about a shutout win.

And it was about a uniquely entertaining goalie celebration.

But what I will always remember most about San Jose's 2-0 victory over Carolina was the post-game reaction of Troy's father, Scott Grosenick.

This was the moment - the culmination - of all the practices, all the games, all the highs and lows of Troy's career. This was the realization that the 25 year old had "made it". Something which was never a guarantee. And now, something that can never be taken away.

"It's kind of like, just how you write it up when you're a little kid," Troy told Jamie Baker on Postgame Live.

The Sharks backstop was perfect in halting all 45 shots he faced, and too many observers and analysts, was the main reason San Jose came out victorious.

But to me: more than the performance - was achieving this success in front of his immediate family. They converged from Wisconsin, Massachusetts, and Washington, D.C., just to be present for the moment.

"The support they have provided me for... how many years... it's going to be really special to be able to share this with them," Grosenick said before even getting the chance to take his gear off.

In an electronic age where hockey headlines are dominated by talk of "illegal hits", extraordinary-sized contracts, and mundane lineup details... what a refreshing moment, yesterday.

Go back, scroll up, and take a look at that picture of Troy's father, one more time.

Imagine ALL he was thinking, and feeling. Years worth of hope, emotion, and love - coming out in the form of tears.

THIS is why we love hockey. And sports.

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