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Brodie's Thought of the Day

by Brodie Brazil / San Jose Sharks
Brodie Brazil took the time to answer some fan questions on Facebook. Here are his answers:

Do the NHL schedulers hate us or what? Lol
- Oscar Hernandez Jr.

It sure might feel that way at times - not only 16 of the first 21 on the road - but the current seven games in 11 day trip, which has the Sharks criss-crossing 9,000 miles around the map in no particular order. BUT... lets not forget hockey is a long season, and what seems like a disadvantage NOW (nine home games in October & November), should turn in the team's favor come December, January & February (24 total home dates). Wouldn't you rather get these difficult parts of the schedule out of the way early? AND... consider how much players and coaches will benefit being "home" during the holidays and thick of winter, as opposed to constantly on the road.

Is it fair to say that the Sharks are pacing themselves like Chicago did last year? Could that be the key to the Sharks success this year?
- Spencer L. Rodriguez

Let me do a hard switch of gears here to build on your suggestion. Look at the San Francisco Giants 2014 season. At early stages they briefly held the best MLB record. But that quickly (and severely) diminished - the team had all sorts of issues hitting and winning games at home. It turns out, NONE of that mattered because they got HOT at the right time, in the second season. In recent times, we've seen NHL teams win the Stanley Cup in similar fashion. So it comes down to these two things: 1) can your team qualify for the playoffs? And 2) do they have the potential to get (almost) unbelievably hot? I think the answers to both questions for the Sharks are yes, and that's why I will always "expect the unexpected" when it comes to winning it all.

Are the players looking forward to being featured on EPIX?

- Colby Clark

To let everyone know: you are referring to extremely behind-the-scenes programming that will be made, in documenting team preparations for the Stadium Series game in February. I guarantee Sharks players don't really have an idea just how much access the production crews will want - because these types of shows don't come around very often. But I DO know they will thrive and enjoy sharing things that never are usually exposed in terms of routines, rituals, and overall lifestyle of the NHL. As someone who already gets to see things "behind the curtain" with the team, even I am looking forward to watching these shows... what does that tell you?!

How do other teams retain and sustain their energy from back to back games?

- Tram Nguyen

Most NHL teams do it the same way, and the real answer is "just do what you can" in terms of rest and nutrition, and lets not forget - quickly preparing and pre-scouting for a second opponent. The real challenge is not necessarily back-to-back games, but the frequent three games in four nights stretches. Those are especially brutal when going from West to East, and you lose time in between travel. I'm glad you brought this up, because I wish the NHL & NBA would reconsider so many condensed portions of their schedule making. I know every team deals with it - but no group will ever be at their best on these quick turnarounds - and isn't that what fans want to see?

Any word on someone being named "Captain" yet?
- Lauren Lancieri

This is definitely the most common question I am asked on social media - and I'm sure it's the same for all other Sharks broadcasters too. The quick answer is: no. But the bigger question: is it likely to happen in the near future? The answer to that: probably not. If somebody emerges over time as Captain, it should be a natural progression... and at this point, I believe we are too shallow in the season for that to organically happen.

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