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Blogging With Jody Shelley

by Jody Shelley / San Jose Sharks
Well here it goes . . . BLOG! This is weird and unclear territory for me. When I asked what I should babble about, the response was "whatever you want."

Sounds really simple, right? Kind of. That means that now I have to make a decision, which for me is not always a simple thing. I can flip flop and change my mind as long as you let me on a question as simple as "are you hungry?" That indecision, along with no deadline, leaves a huge gray area.

What I quickly learned about being a blogger is situations that arise are now seen in a different light - they appear as possible entries! So I've muddled this over and realized that there were actually things going on throughout the day which people might be interested in, or find amusing. There have been a few instances recently down @ Sharks Ice that I've considered blog material.

Last Friday, sitting in my stall, fresh off the ice from a high paced practice, I scanned the room to see who I could converse with. Me, at the ripe age of 33, was in the locker room with Staubitz, Demers, Ferriero, Greiss and McGinn, the young lads. These guys are all staying at the hotel and have mentioned on a few occasions how they have a tough time staying busy throughout the day and how they can even become a bit bored.

Aha! I could help them out!! With an 11 month old at home who goes to bed at 8 and wakes up 10 to 12 hours later, I figured what a gig . . . babysitting for the Shelleys while we (myself and my wife Mandy) went to see Couples Retreat. Genius!!

We could put junior to bed, head to the theater for the 8:45 showing, be back by 11:00 and the "sitter" was done. The lucky winner could watch TV, surf the net, raid the fridge, talk on the phone, whatever they want. Plus the offer of 12 bucks an hour was on the table. What a proposal!

I was shocked at the responses. Everyone had plans. "I'd love to but my parents are in town.”

No problem on my end as they could just bring them over. Their mom could cook a meal at the house.

"I need 25 bucks an hour" and "do I have to change diapers?" were the next responses.

No! No diapers, the boy is asleep. You’re pretty much hanging out, looking at Facebook and watching TV for 2.5 hours while I pay you! They passed the buck around the room and mentioned that anytime, but that time, was good. Unreal. A room full of young babysitters and couldn't sway one! I’ll get them eventually!

NOTE: The movie was great and thanks to Clowe for the offering to babysit. My wife had lined up a sitter so Ryane got off the hook. Looks like many movies ahead!

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