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Ask the Sharks: Thornton's Answers

by Alison High / San Jose Sharks
Following the Sharks morning skate on Thursday, center Joe Thornton sat down with and answered the best questions we recieved for his Ask the Sharks segment.

San Jose Sharks center Joe Thornton (19) is congratulated by defenseman Marc-Edouard Vlasic (44) after Thornton scored the winning goal in overtime against the Phoenix Coyotes, Tuesday, Sept. 30, 2008. (AP Photo/Paul Sakuma)
1.Why did you choose to wear the number 19? - John Dice Jr.
Stevie Yzerman from the Red Wings was my brother’s favorite. He kind of told me, “you're going to wear the number 19” because of it. I wore 97 in the All-Star game because I was a big Jeremy Roenick fan. It was the year I was drafted and I was a big Jeremy Roenick fan.

2.Was there any piece of advice from any veterans when you just started that helped you along the way? – Victor
(Pause) Not really. Not really. I’m going to say not really. The best advice I’ve been given is: if you have nothing good to say, don’t say anything at all.

3.What was it like having the fathers on the road with you? - Liz Fullerton
It was awesome. My dad really enjoyed it and I know the other fathers did. It’s nice that they get to know each other a little better. It was great. We don’t get to see them too much during the season so it’s nice to get to have them along for three or four days. Everyone had a good time.

4.Why do you get kicked out of the face off circle and what does the ref say? - Dana Unruh
I think I like to cheat a little bit in the faceoff circle so they kick me out. I just kind of get in a little closer than I should or I hit their stick before I should.

5.What has been your favorite moment with the guys so far this season both on
and off the ice? - Jessica Hemmel

Probably just winning. We’ve won a lot of games and its fun to win. That’s probably the best part of the season. Off ice? I don’t know.

San Jose Sharks center Joe Thornton, center, is defended by Dallas Stars center Mike Modano, April 27, 2008.(AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)
6.What's the best part about being Canadian? - Christina Tanouye
The best part about being Canadian? I don’t know if there’s any upside or any negative towards it. I don’t know. I really don’t know. Because it snows a lot? Well yea, but it snows a lot in the North East. The wilderness? Well there’s lots of wilderness in Wyoming. The mountains? Well go to Montana. So I don’t know. I’m going to skip that question.

7.When you finally retire from playing hockey, what would you like to do? – Barb
I’m just going to relax for a while and maybe have some kids and watch them grow up.

8.How do you manage to pass without looking? – Laura
Well I think you have to know where your team mates are. You have to have a lot of trust and communication. You have to have chemistry. There’s no sonar involved.

9.Apparently you like to pick on your fellow teammates in the locker room. What is the funniest thing you have ever done to a teammate? – Kenny Robertson

No, I just like to have a good time. I don’t really pick on teammates. I just enjoy being around the guys. I like to laugh and have some fun.

Thornton celebrates after scoring against the Vancouver Canucks during the third period, Monday, Oct. 15, 2007. The Sharks defeated the Canucks 4-2. (AP Photo/Richard Lam, The Canadian Press)
10.Why do you wear your teeth during games, but not during practice? Just forTV? – Maggie
No. Just in games I wear the mouth piece and in practice nobody’s going to high stick me – I hope. So I really don’t wear them in practice.

11.As hockey is such a tough sport, how do you always remain so calm and such anice guy? – Trisha

I just enjoy playing hockey and I always like having a smile on my face. It’s the best job in the world.

12.Do you play video games? Do you play as yourself or another player? – Connor

I do play video games. I play NHL2K9. I play as the Sharks, yes. I like bringing up Tom Holy (Sharks Media Relations Manager) in from the minors, or T Holy and J Thornton. I like playing all the guys. Not necessarily just myself. Gotta mix it up.

Thank you to everyone who sent in questions. There were over 250 to choose from!

The next Sharks player to be featured on Ask the Sharks will be center Marcel Goc. Fans can send in their questions for the 25-year-old native of Calw, Germany to

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