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Ask the Sharks: Staubitz' Answers

by Alison High / San Jose Sharks

Out of all the Sharks we’ve featured on "Ask the Sharks", right wing Brad Staubitz has gotten more e-mails for dates than any other player.

Find out if his teammates tease Staubitz about his female fan base and how  the 25-year-old felt when he broke Jordin Tootoo’s nose and earned himself a place on every highlight reel from the 2008-09 season in our latest segment of “Ask the Sharks.”

1.How did your role as an enforcer first get started? – Octavio

In Junior we had a coach and a team that really stressed sticking up for each other. That was how it all started; just sticking up for teammates.

2.What is going through your mind before and during a fight? – Anthony (via text message)
I’m not sure. I think, “Is this the right time to fight?” or things like that. But not really much. It’s just part of the game. It’s all timely in a game. It just depends on what provokes it.

3.What's the funniest thing you've ever said or someone said to you before, during, or after a fight? – Corrinne

I’ve had a guy tell me he woudn’t fight me because my name would look bad on his fight card. It was a shot at me --- telling me I was a nobody.

4.Do you think your role on the team has changed since Jody Shelley was traded? How has it affected your game? – Joseph
I don’t think so. That’s kind of the role that I came in here for; a hard-working gritty guy that’s willing to fight when need be. So, no, I don’t think it really has.

He (Shelley) definitely brought a big aspect to our team. But I don’t think his departure has changed my role. As a whole, we’ve had to step up to fill that gap. But my role hasn’t really changed. This has always been my role.

5.How did you feel after you beat Jordin Tootoo on March 19, 2009? Juan Quezada (via text message)

Well, he’s a hard-nosed guy. I’ve had run-ins with him in the minors and a couple times in the NHL. It was good to finally get a few good licks in on him.

6.Do you find some people to be intimidated when they meet you because of your tough guy perception on the ice? – Carly
I don’t know. I’m sure people perceive me by the way I play. But that’s a lot different from the way I am. A lot of people have said that I play a lot differently than the way I am off the ice. But that’s what got me this far playing-wise. It gets me involved in the game and it’s fun. Once people meet me, I don’t think they find me intimidating.

7.Do you come from a family of athletes? Brothers or sisters that also play sports? – Judy

I have an older brother who played hockey and baseball. He and my Dad still play hockey now. No sisters.

8.Do the guys tease you about the female fan base that you have? – Hana

(Laughs) No. Not too often.

9.You used to play defense, what's it like switching to playing wing? Would you want to go back to playing defense? – Emilia

You get a completely different look at the game. I played defense my whole life so it’s intriguing to play offense. I enjoy it. I’m still trying to learn and get better so I can contribute more to the team.

10.How did you manage to get into a fight on your first shift, in your first NHL game? Was it by design? Or was it luck?
It was about ten seconds into my first shift and it just fell into my lap. I hit a guy that I had fought in Junior. I had been looking to try and get it out of the way quick so that way I could relax a bit and play. So yea, I ran into --- I think his name is McIver --- and I asked him and he was willing to fight so we got it over with quick.

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