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Ask the Sharks: Shelley's Answers

by Alison High / San Jose Sharks

1.What motivates you to be the competitor that you are? – Andrew
There’s a lot of things. But probably the main thing is that I’m living a dream. I cherish everyday I’m here and that’s motivation enough for me. I still feel the same way I did the first day I played in the League. That’s motivation for me to stay here, get better and play another day in the League.

2.What is your most memorable moment in the NHL? A goal, assist, fight, particular game? – John R.
My first game for sure, but also the night I got to fight Bob Probert three times in one game.

3.Who is your favorite person to fight among active players and why? – China
Probably George Parros because he’s the big rival in California and I think the fans get excited about it. It’s usually pretty entertaining. Everyone likes his mustache.

4.Who is the best babysitter on the team? – Karen

Well, we’ve only tested out one and that was Ryane Clowe. He wasn’t bad. He just had to sit there and watch the monitor and we gave him the computer and the remote so it was pretty easy. I would trust my child to anyone on the team --- except ---- well ---- yea, probably everyone. Including Douglas Murray (laughs).

5.Is it weird going out in public, and seeing someone wear sharks merchandise,
and they don't realize you’re standing right next to them? – Julie

It’s flattering. It’s one of those things that are part of this job. You’ve got someone standing next to you that’s wearing your jersey or asking you for an autograph and it’s flattering. It’s one of those things that just makes you stand back and say, ‘wow.’

6.Does your son watch you play or go to most of the games? – Micaela L.

Yes, he goes to games. He’s only one, but he loves the noise, he loves the music and he loves the action. He loves the whole atmosphere.

7.What's it like sitting in the penalty box? Do you get lonely? – Nathan
No, I wouldn’t say lonely. It’s usually a good time to rest because you’re trying to recover from a fight. And you get to see the rink from the other side --- a different perspective (laughs).

8.What's the best (or funniest) thing someone said to you after a fight? – Jose U.
One time I was in a fight with a guy and we were in a pile and he looked up at me and said, ‘Isn’t life great?’ I was like, ‘wow.’ This was when I was a lot younger fighting in the NHL.

9.Who is the most driven Shark on the team? The guy who works the hardest off season and on to bring all the heart and passion he can to the ice? – Kevin
That’s a really good question. You know, everyone works extremely hard to be where we’re at. I’d say Patrick Marleau.

10.How many teeth have you lost? Or, how many teeth do you have that are original? – John
My two front teeth are missing and my four wisdom teeth are gone. But my two front ones were knocked out in a fight.
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