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Ask the Sharks: Ryane Clowe's Answers

by Alison High / San Jose Sharks
Shortly before the holiday break, caught up with Ryane Clowe for his segment of Ask the Sharks. Below are questions submitted by the fans and Clowe’s responses.

1. Everyone asks about post game rituals, but what do you like to do after the game? – Emma Davis
Usually I just try to find a restaurant that’s open, but in San Jose that’s pretty tough to do. I usually order some chicken and pasta, but that’s about it. Then I go home, relax and watch some TV before I go to bed. There’s usually not a lot of time to do anything. Besides that, if we don’t have a game the next day, I try to get a workout in after the game.

2. What goes on during the day of a home game for you typically? – Shelley
There’s usually a pregame skate in the morning and then I have a pregame meal which is usually chicken parmesan and pasta. Then I take a two hour nap and come to the rink about three hours before the game. Then I get ready for the game, tape some sticks and just relax. The best thing about playing out west is that the east coast games are always on TV so we get to watch the games before we actually play.

3. Which teams/players did you most admire when you were young? – Brian Delumpa

I actually liked Eric Lindros when he was younger and just came into the League. He was a big power forward and exciting to watch. My favorite team was Montreal so I watched those guys every Saturday.

4. What do you like to do in your spare time when you're not playing hockey? – James Kahng

During the season I just like to relax. During the offseason when I’m not playing hockey, I like to golf. I usually take about a month off after the season and go somewhere on vacation. That’s about it. Nothing too excited. I’m just big into golf, travel and hanging out with my friends and family.

5. Is there a reason why you wear those black wrist things every game? – Marissa Woblesky

They’re sweat bands so when I wipe sweat off my face, they absorb all the sweat so it makes it easier to see. There’s nothing worse then wiping sweat and having it go on your eyes. I usually change them after each period. I have two or three sets for a game. There’s no superstition behind them.

6. Could you please explain the four-and-a-half hour time difference between California and Newfoundland? What we don't understand is the half hour. – The Reilly Family
Well, the Eastern Time Zone is an hour and a half from Newfoundland. We’re the most eastern point in North America so that probably has something to do with it, but I don’t really know how that all works. Everyone finds it pretty interesting when I tell them its four and a half hours; they think its four hours and they wonder where that half hour came from.

The great thing is we celebrate New Year’s first. We had the millennium before anyone else. It’s twelve at home and its 11:30 everywhere else.

7. I am Ryane's billet from his time with the QMJHL's Montreal Rocket, and I just want to know if he still puts as much ketchup on everything he eats? – Steve Miller
Yes of course. Ketchup and cheese wiz. Those are my main things that I have to have at my house. Hello to Steve, Anna and George! They had to go through a few bottles of ketchup when I stayed with them.

8. Torrey Mitchell stated on his blog that the cheesecake factory was pretty much your “kitchen”. Why is that and what is your favorite thing to eat there? – Lisa Fleming
I like everything. Most of the time I like to eat there after games so I try to rush home since it’s close to my house. It’s the only place open where I can get chicken marsala or chicken picata.

But I don’t know what those guys are talking about because I know Torrey and Devin don’t exactly have a kitchen they eat at. They either eat at J.R.’s house or Joe’s (Thornton) house, or someone’s house on the team. So when they come over to my house for dinner, I take them to the Cheesecake Factory. That’s me cooking for them.

9. What team do you feel will be the toughest in the running for the Stanley Cup? What player? – Lauren H.

Probably Detroit. They’re the champs and if you want to win the Cup you’re going to have to go through those guys. They picked up some key acquisitions in the offseason so they’ll be strong again. For a player, probably Datsyuk or Zetterberg. They proved last year that they can take their game to a new level. Detroit will be a big challenge.

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